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Desley Scott and Kathryn Alexander being interviewed at the Myriad Festival Blockchain event in Brisbane 2018 on why they are using blockchain to empower people to make more informed decisions to better manage chronic disease and the journey to wellbeing via self sovereign identity to own their own IP and give conditional legal consent to for its use. (More)

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Arnold Daniels van LegalThings spreekt op de Workshop Blockchain, Technische en Juridische Uitdagingen op 16 januari 2018 bij Deloitte (Amsterdam). Arnold introduceert zichzelf en de User Case die hij tijdens de workshop zal gaan behandelen samen met Rick Schmitz. (More)

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Bitcoin ( BTC ) has topped $19,000 in a fresh bullish surge, but traders are all about altcoins on Nov. 24. In what many are heralding as the beginning of “altseason,” large-cap cryptocurrencies are seeing their biggest gains in three years. Cointelegraph takes a look at five of the biggest movers, all of which have returned to at least a $1 billion market cap. Ripple’s XRP token is gaining traction on social media after a curious lull, thanks to its weekly gains that have topped 110%. At press time, XRP/USD traded at $0.62, having reached $0.92 before a sudden 30% crash , which came in tandem with Coinbase experiencing a major technical outage. Nevertheless, the token still remains far from its peak of over $3 or roughly 80% from its all time high. By comparison, Bitcoin ( BTC ) is now just 3% from its all-time high in December 2017. On the back of XRP’s resurgence, Stellar ( XLM ) beat its daily gains to pass $0.18 and deliver over 90% weekly returns. A classic move for the sister-altcoin, which tends to follow XRP in bull markets, Stellar returned to its position from November 2018. Its all-time highs lie at just above $0.60. Another major success story this week, Cardano ( ADA ) topped 50% weekly gains, much of which occurred prior to Wednesday’s altcoin action. WIth a market cap now above $5 billion, Cardano became the eighth largest cryptocurrency, clipping $0.16. Against a backdrop of all-time highs above $1, however, much ground remains for investors to see significant returns from previous years. The fourth-biggest weekly rises belonged to IOTA ( MIOTA ) on Wednesday, weekly gains for which totalled just under 50%. Currently at 26th on CoinMarketCap’s list of cryptocurrencies, IOTA hit $0.36 this week, but the path to new all-time highs remains decidedly uncertain — those lie at close to $5.50. A familiar face among altcoin traders, Dash ( DASH ), brought up the rear among the week’s risers, with DASH/USD gaining nearly 40% over the past 7 days. At press time, the pair traded at $115, still far from its record of near $1,500.“Bitcoin dominance. In case you were wondering, this is what alt season looks like,” said popular trader Scott Melker , noting that the index failed to break upward this week.“Quite reminiscent of 2017. Alts have a brief window to party, then you get back into Bitcoin, it rages. Rinse, repeat,’” he added. (More)

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Racing bar chart timeline of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap. (More)

THE ENTIRE WORLD Is Flipping BULLISH On Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency! (More)

Bitcoin and many other cryptos are on their way to all-time highs! Let’s take a look at the charts, the news, and cover current opportunities within the entire crypto market. (More)

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Hello, In this video we are going to look at Crypto Currency Exchange Trading. The Crypto Currency Exchange Trading is the most profitable market in the world in a single month. In this we are going to see how to earn ₹ 1000 to ₹ 5000 daily. (More)

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A quick morning update on both traditional and crypto markets. Provided daily.
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¿Sabes qué cómo va el estado de cada uno de los proyectos que implementan los tokens (como Uniswap, Curv, Maker, WBTC)? Conoce más en esta nueva sesión de Crypto Market Noviembre y aprende sobre los proyectos que están evolucionando dentro del ecosistema cripto. (More)

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Even if there is no need to prove Switzerland’s international leadership anymore when it comes to digital trust and cybersecurity, we believe that joining forces and connecting Swiss valleys is key to build trust throughout the country and beyond. (More)

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