XRP News today: Gary Gensler speaks on Cryptocurrencies

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XRP News today: Gary Gensler speaks on Cryptocurrencies

All of the best comments from yesterdays SEC conference.

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Full video of yesterdays conference

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0:26 Video description
1:20 Gary Gensler speaks
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Masami Kato says:

what is " investor protection" by SEC
SEC has already failed that mission

Alan Dunstan says:

I feel strongly that they're just doing the dance 🥂👊🚀🚀🚀

saurabh s says:

If they were really worried about investers they wouldn't let the price drop that much

XRP Benno says:

Exciting times for sure….. Mate I got a free beer glass with a recent purchase of carlsberg, it is a liverpool fc branded glass I am so sorry about this

Mrs_nicole Mcleod says:

I noticed they said stellar allot xlm?

justin chapman says:

Never trust a bald headed liar like Gary

Michael Otoo says:

Threes no rubber stamp yet

Ima Ok says:

I wish they would just hurry the f.ck up….

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