Why People Are Crazy About Chainlink and Tezos? | Token Metrics AMA

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Why are crypto investors so crazy about Chainlink and Tezos?

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Imran Chaudhry says:

Classic Ian Balarina , never shows any actual evidence behind his claims he just throws out opinion pieces , clearly a fud piece against LINK , he says 4chan is pumping it did he also forget to mentioned how LINK will also stake soon and that LINK is adding partnerships everyday almost 100 in the making including google oracle etc , This guy missed the boat or atleast sold his LINK and is now salty

Kbm 5679 says:

You should invit Richard heart

Tea Jay says:

I believe these were Teka's 5 pics to 1 million. Chainlink isn't in the list. MCO, ENJ, NMR, DATA, SNT

Nitin Narkar says:

Research on DGB, LINK, XTZ, BCH, LTC, ETH. DASH. Very few people have earned money by following him but majority have lost.. Better do own research. Earn Little rather thinking about millionaire

Crypto elf says:

Liquid democracy xtz Adoption by sixx swiss exchange . overtocks tzero. Dalma. This a long term play. Tezos is 10. The economist 1988 predicted tezos. Its foundation wallet is phoenix mainnet was 2018 and it rose to number 10 out of nowhere. I am kidding but not really kidding

Crypto Mom Still Standing says:

If you invest in BTC ETH & HEX you will outperform all other' recommendations

Crypto Mom Still Standing says:

You should interview Richard Heart again

Brandy Wasay says:

I have a LOT of ETH and XTZ in a Ledger Nano wallet but I don't stake because I heard it is not safe . My understanding is that once staked , it could be hacked . Please tell me what's the truth . if safe … I will buy another $100k worth of XTZ

AK k says:

Mine Eth and tezos stacking I just trust these only as of now

Jasper Ravensberg says:

Hey Ian, first of all great platform you have. (I'm using your Token Metrics system.) What is your thought on Cardano as a potential competitor for Ethereum? I see investors claiming it is better than Ethereum. I currently stake Cardano, I'm in the testnet.

AK k says:

I have staked tezos too and think I am making good amount I think it’s keep increasing and ready to get more and stack more

King Fit says:

No more L’s for me I took my fair share in 2017 buying the top 😅

Morph3ous1 says:

I know you are kicking yourself for not HOLDING $Link until now best bear market play

nicolas luciano says:

I think that we need a penny coin to become millionaire bro.. link, nmr, mco, snt, solve, data, tnt, loki, zrx and enj are out of range all ready.

Manuel Junior says:

that is not teeka's list

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