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Today I show you the main reasons why Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market went down today and why you should not worry.


The Content is for informational purposes only. I am not a financial adviser.
All losses in any market which may incur due to information on this channel are not Crypto Ellis’s fault. Do Your Own Research.


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Crypto Ellis says:

12k Subscribers hit thank you everyone. Where do you think the market will go next let me know below?

Zeynel Kılınç says:

thank you man

Sean Fitzgerald says:

@Crypro Ellis Good to see that someone is not manipulating scared people into selling their assets early through fear vids, in order to create cheaper prices. Respect that 👏

NarÍn G says:

👍 video. Please cover XRT IOTA sir

Crypto tribmen says:

Now is the best time for you to invest in bitcoin, I can't believe I we make up to $ 45000 in one month, this is really amazing, expert Ivan ( @ivannoah ) have help me ..

Mario Däncer says:

Good day🌞 everyone and Nice video👍. Bitcoin price must hold the low $16k's to continue its upward grind and finally conquer the psychological $20,000 level. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has been trying to break above the psychological barrier of $19,000. However, during the week, it failed to go through this resistance. This “fakeout” caused a significant portion of the market to shift from a bullish bias to a bearish bias. Is such a bias shift warranted in the current structure of the market? Altcoins have been continuing their upwards momentum since the drop with some demonstrating significant rallies, While BTC still fluctuates📉📈. In Times like this, when BTC's price is fluctuating, it takes time and understanding to go through without losing money. As for the newcomers who are yet to understand the upward and downward trend of BTC, they tend to lose a lot, cause when you trade without an accurate signal or a good strategy you are at a high risk of losing money. I trade under the help and supervision of Mr Richard Baker, a verified✅ trade expert from the UK, who has been handling my trades and also providing me with signals📊 to trade with. Though its been six months since i met him i have managed to accumulate 12btc through his signals📊. 🙂Traders who also want to increase their holdings can contact him today on either his wtsapp @+447482862366 or Tlegram @Richardtrading.

turbyturbo1 says:

to the moon baby!

TheDestroyedKingdom says:

Thanks for this video, its very detailed 💥💥🙌 Having got involved in the stock market and made little profits, i still greatly believe in bitcoin trading mostly as the market is very bullish at this point in time. I strongly advice us to get involved in DAY TRADING properly guided by a pro traded with a working strategy/daily signals. For me it's been very successful because i was being guided by a pro trader called Daron Wilber whose strategy/daily signals has proven to be so accurate and well analysed. Trading and growing my portfolio from 0.9btc to 5.8btc within 6 weeks is so awesome and credible. Don't you think this is the right time to grow the little we hold ahead of more bullishness ? Daron can be reach via Whatspp: +447862071076 and Telegram @ Daron_signals for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

Ruben Cruz says:

You can't loss money when you purchase d at .0013 xrp all gains from here on out.

Lismar Yagas says:

It'll be back on track after Thanksgiving

MADIK says:

Walter CoinCoin. Eаrn in this Tе-lеg-ram chan-nel.

Mr Twinker says:

Walter CoinCoin. Eаrn in this Tе-lеg-ram chan-nel.

Mr Twinker says:

Walter CoinCoin. Eаrn in this Tе-lеg-ram chan-nel.

Lismar Yagas says:

Thanksgiving day. Be thankful for the opportunity to accumulate more

Tomas Nicys says:

FCA's policy statement on CC. PS20/10: Prohibiting the sale to retail clients of investment products that reference cryptoassets. From Trading 212.

fuufaclau says:

New comers are getting rektt

charl Floms says:

Just traded didn't cash out but wish I had more money for the massive discounts

Mohamad Asif says:

When to enter xrp? How far it can go down?

Kristen Wood says:

Looking at the current btc chart one would never believe this same currency once traded below $6000 just around March this year, it's amazing how an enlightened part of the world has rip massively from this bullish move, yet analysts continue to predict this as merely the beginning of better things to come, crypto in general offers a host of opportunities, but trading continue to be the most vague and lucrative, with the right trading guide and signals of Isaac Steward, I've been able to learn the basics of trading, been earning big over these past month while also learning trading and effectively utility of signals towards trade, the past few months has been revealing,steward is an avenue to channel concerns on crypto and trading. She can be reached for guidance on WhatsAap (+19196176910)

ik achak says:

Will it go down more


Trump is gonna win. Dont be misled by Msm. Xrp will rocket in December

Ozhan akcakaya says:

Crypto market is full of uneducated investors

They don’t know why they buy

They don’t know why they sell
Today’s dip is solely because of Coinbase stopping borrowing, which is good thing

Mark Dave says:

How wonderful Can strategy be? My world!! I made profit of £950 today with Mr Johnson strategy.

Papa Reno G says:

What's up with basic attention token (BAT) had not budged in hours

Ioannis Gatos says:

Great opportunity for xrp……..buy high sell low………millionaire for sure…….HaHaHa HaHaHa

Kerem TAŞTAN says:

You guys are so funny. Huge fonds are buying and selling and taking profits and you poor guys are just speculating and hoping around that they re-invest their money again into the market so you can be happy to make a bit gain on what you have in your hands. You all are so poor.

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