Which Blockchain Will Get The 100+ Trillion Dollar US Stablecoin Volume? *Not Ethereum*

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The Office of Comptroller of Currency (OCC) just released the requirements for the ideal US stablecoin and for the underlying blockchain. Based on the requirements we can narrow down which blockchain will be the ultimate winner.

In the video I look at the facts and narrow down which blockchain has the most potential.

Download the paper: https://www.occ.gov/publications-and-resources/publications/economics/working-papers-banking-perf-reg/pub-econ-working-paper-chartering-fintech-future.pdf
OCC 2020 review: https://occ.gov/about/what-we-do/annual-report/index.html#ftn14

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denome says:

How high would the market cap of the blockchain go that gets the US-government approved stablecoin volume?

The real volume could still go to any of the other 3 blockchains, or any other blockchain for that matter so don't take his analysis as hard fact. Many blockchains working on stablecoin solutions would probably have harsh NDAs that prevent them from talking about partnership of this magnitude until they have enough confidence to release it.

Lord Bucket Head says:

Excellent cover, I been checking XLM for awhile now and looking at loading more soon

Sonda Ba says:

Hey Denome, Is there something new about the raiding story?

Anton Winter says:

great info. thanks for going through the occ document

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