What is Blockchain? (Ali El Husseini, Ph.D.)

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A Clip from Money Revealed Episode 7 is here and ready to shake the financial world.

Ali El Husseini, Ph.D., CEO, Medici Land Governance

One of the top experts in his field Ali El Husseini Ali, Ph.D. teaches what is blockchain and how it will shape the future of wealth. Stick around and learn how you can invest in blockchain. Come join us by registering at http://moneyrevealed.com/trailer to get access to all full episodes.

The video covers the following subjects:
– Who is Ali El Husseini Ali, Ph.D.?
– How did Ali El Husseini Ali go involved with overstock, Patrick Byrne
– What is blockchain?
– The confusion between cryptocurrency and blockchain
– Metaphor of blockchain and Warren Buffet


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