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Top Bitcoin Exchanges Fight to Stay Alive in 2020 (Crypto News)

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In today’s Crypto News Update we discuss top cryptocurrency exchanges fighting to stay relevant in 2020. CryptoWendyO joins us for some technical analysis on BNB. We also look at the key features of the Velas wallet, which allows you to store, stake, and transfer your digital assets with the highest security available today.

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0:00 Intro
1:19 Uniswap
2:00 Mt. Gox
3:27 Coinbase
5:30 Giveaway
7:23 Binance
8:35 CryptoWendyO
11:08 Velas

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Street guy says:

Follow Bitboy and keep updated

Assem Bolbol says:

i guess buy buy buy BNB and its been rising since almost the last 3 hours

Dominic Law says:

Velas just made the first its defi project. That was crazy and awesome!

Beth Littman says:

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Beth Littman says:

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A M P says:

i hope to be successful

W H says:

I think my wife would probably agree with you. She’s always whining about cex.

gmail at gmail dot gmail says:

Don't buy $HONK (its about to pump)

Alexander Buick says:

Hey Bitboy! I have a question, do you see LID as a short term or long term investment?

Edwin V says:

Have you thought about switching to a more reputable theme? I love bitboy and I think it's great but as the years go by and as new people are introduce into the space I worry that they won't take this animated character seriously and take you as a joke. Obviously that's not a problem now and I'm personally a fan of it but in the long term the new people are going to think "why should I take this wanna be super hero seriously?"

Steve Tomlinson says:

Are they fakes? Or are they again diluting the gift you gave for diluting the Bitboy card?
Would really like the answer.

Victoras Albulescu says:

What about the big reset, IMF, Klaus Schwab?

Steve Tomlinson says:

Did you put 100 Solidity cards with a red ETH that moves, up for sale?

Crypto Casper says:

Always most informative and educational along with your comedy relief.. Definatly have learned so much from you Ben. Thank you for your commitment to newbies like myself. Definatly not getting me out of this ecosystem anytime soon! BitBoy To Tha MOOONN!!!! CHYEAAA BABY!! <3

Hiram says:

I've been testing Symblox on top of Velas blockchain, and it's amazing how you can make a lot of transactions without giving half of your money as a fee. Every smart contract call is less than 0.0001 worth, and I say that for real. It is worth to ckeck it out 👌

Aervin Espaldon says:

Symblox surely is giving a strong advantage for first movers. Great APR and they do no presale, ICO or whatsoever. A great catch for a free token by staking some VLX! Power!

OJ Swagga Johnson says:

No body won't to help anyone it's sad . We need more people that love unity in cryptocurrency

OJ Swagga Johnson says:

I found out and crypto a lot of people are selfish brother

Casual Trips says:

I've got 3 of the new air dropped bitboy animated cards on rarible for .97 ethereum only. Search jaydeebow on rarible

Adam Palmer says:

You doing big great things bit boy stay up bro

YUH GT says:

Quickswap and Honeyswap makes u get to hate those fees on Uni.

Neo Styles says:

contrary to popular belief, cex is not bad. i have lots of cex every day and it feels good

Bruce Clark says:

Very helpful information you have coupled up in your video
Already subscribed to your channel.. most People will misunderstand what you highlighted in your video and equally the advantage they have to learn about cryptocurrency at this early stage

Passive Income Tom says:

Good info with Wendy again.

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