Top 8 Crypto News Stories + Charts For BNB & BTT

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Here are 2 charts worth looking at plus comments on the top 8 crypto news stories that got my attention today 12th February 2019. Lots going on right now from where I’m sitting.
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The Cryptoverse says:

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Charles Besso says:

That was big of you to apologize. We all have moments of weakness. It takes true strength to acknowledge it. Also you do know that BitTorrent Live could be revolutionary as per live content delivery. If it delivers the feature set crypto is capable of it will dis-intermediate donation, patronage, subscription based models freeing artists such as yourself to deliver your same message with less corporate overlords menacing your ability to profit via artificial limitation of reach.

Oldrich Kosacka says:

Banks are going to use NANO for cross border payments. The best tech will win. NANO runs in circle around other crypto projects when it comes to tech.

Oldrich Kosacka says:

BNB are ready to go down. I dont think DEX will take of in this marked. Binance is a great exchange however. They do great things for crypto as a whole.

Oldrich Kosacka says:

No mentioning of Wirex accepting NANO. Nano is the future of money. One of the fiew project with integrity.
Enough about this BTT and Tron scam.

Ronald Jefferson says:

Can you give us your thoughts Ampleforth's Elastic Supply Protocol? It's back by True Ventures, Pantera Capital, Founder Collective, Slow Ventures, FBG Capital.

Major REX says:

Great start for the video and why I respect you.
On the BTT I totally disagree with you and that is the first I think. I don't see the value for BTT for BitTorrent at all. Is working perfectly fine without a token so why add a useless token on the top. To me or feels less a money. Plus when you have billions of coin first on TRX and now BTT I want to cry people buying into the scam.
Plus regulators can't stop all scams. Hell even banks are now and then exposed in scams. Hope does regulators help? People are greedy so do your work and verify before throwing money at projects.

Carlos Rivero says:

Of course BNB is going to outperform Bitcoin , CZ is running the biggest Pump and dump . Just look at BTT over 26% where sold before the Pre sale. And the rest was Grab by Binance BOTs to do what ever they please.
Don’t believe me , I know someone who got prove

Sovereign Learning Institute says:

Brock spoke at the BTC-Miami and said he wanted to make the MtGox victims whole, rather than go through the foreclosure process for pennies on the dollar. The victims will collect from the fees generated from the exchange.

quantumcrypto98 says:

thanks again Chris…and it's your show brother. yours alone. always appreciatedπŸ˜ŽπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ“

Steve P says:

hii from belgium

Ferris Alkasid says:

Telleos did not do airdrops, you have to claim them, by voting, and people got robbed by these fishing sites and losing their Eos, because of that., have you not heard brother?

tikklemeemo says:

I sold all my bnb today, made 0.3BTC profit, I'll swap back into bnb if it drops back to 0.0015, if not I'm fine with just BTC

tikklemeemo says:

Respect, it takes a good person to come out and give that apology, there is a Bitcoin patreon service I saw on Max Kaiser recent show, if you figure it out I'll crypto support

Alex Morgan says:

Have you read the HMRC guide on crypto? According to my understanding, we "dispose" of an asset every time we trade, spend or even give it away and need to pay CGT on it every time! I would love to see you do a video about Tax, particularly in the UK.

mauserxxx says:

The Problem at the moment with trading inside the crypto space (at least here in Austria – Europe) is that if I change on coin for the other or use the coin to buy stuff and I didn't hold it for at least for one year then I have to pay taxes (If gains are bigger then 400 Euro). Because even if I exchange different coins (without fiat) it counts as selling one coin to fiat and buying the new one (or the item).

Until we don't have a more crypto-friendly regulation here (I guess in most of Europe) it is not easy to use it on daily bases. (I don't want to worry about taxation on every little transaction I am doing. ) . So at the moment it is 'just' an investment in the future (hopefully).


Jeffrey Ainsworth says:

Quote of the day – "Language is the software of the mind" 13:35

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