Top 5 Crypto News Stories Rated (Crypto News Review #1)

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We’re going to do episode 1 of yet another show format which I’m calling Crypto News Review.
Everyone seemed to like episode 1 of Coin vs Coin and I’m really getting the sense that crypto videos need to both informative and entertaining, so that’s where this format came from.
We’ll look at bunch of stories from various sources and then rate them out of 10 in categories such as headlines, article quality and impact.

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Please become a patron if you’d like the list of research sources.

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The Cryptoverse says:

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wm130563 says:

I like Chris and this channel. Not a fan of new format. Would be ok to show the ranking as text but the detailed examination of the assessment is no added value….

Joe Marty says:

Candid feedback on your new/modified segment for you, Chris: I may be an outlier, but I felt the review format campy/cheesy, and almost felt like a gimmick to try and maintain relevance (like when a sitcom would introduce a new strange character to the show). I really appreciate you covering the crypto news (it's what led me to become a patron); personally, I don't care for the ranking of them — bit I DO appreciate your opinion & analysis from each article!

Jim Hughston says:

PLEASE rate news outlets (the same way) so we know which ones to avoid. THAT would be very useful

joshi richman says:

how will 5G affect crypto?

Gordon Buckley says:

Interesting new series – as usual, high-quality content.

Furreos says:

Do some crypto meme review.

OZSA87 says:

Bring back timestamps please, so we can skip easily to stuff we're interested in.

Cornealius C says:

Keep up the good work! 👍

Jeffrey Ainsworth says:

Nice job Chris. Privacy coin dilemma indeed.

SomeUsers1121 says:

Chris, I asked Don Molenaar of Triaconta if he would be interested in an Friday email interview with the Crypto Verse and he said yes. I think this project is really interesting. Why not follow it up?

Ogibus O says:

Great program format.

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