Time to Buy The Dip in Bitcoin and Ethereum? (Think Again) We're GONNA DUMP MORE! Moonboys Crying 😭

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Rest in peace to the fallen bag holders who said I was wrong, an idiot, and thought my crash prediction was funny. Not so funny anymore is it? 😭

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Crash Trading says:

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Ram S says:

Every good trader is bearish…I’m bullish because we living in a clown ass world look at the stock market…the ten year yield isn’t budging and the dollar ten year ratio is very low right now. We shall see next week


I need the link to your watsapp group

Mehmet kilic says:

Head and shoulders knees and toes

Truekrav says:

Thank you. I discovered your channel last week Saturday. Sold all my crypto and avoided the dump. Can’t thank you enough. Will re-enter the market once we reach the bottom

Ans ans says:

He is saying to me that I live in other planet🤔

Ans ans says:

This time I am late😅. Why in September stocks/crypto usually fell?

Teewum says:

Can we get daily update please? And also i use head and shoulder too😂

McRen Ji says:

Maybe Bitcoin is a human.. full of head and shoulders.. lol.. Always waiting for the update from u boss.. Thanks for this! Keep safe!

Aramis Gonzalez says:

Alex when do you think the next drop is gonna happened next week or soon?

Salvage 19 says:

Send me your WhatsApp I want to join your team

Salvage 19 says:

Great job amigo

RicVee1 says:

Bro I was dying when you said you want to fucking get that chart printed on steel. That was truly fucking classic. When it comes to bitcoin you're the only one I listen to at this point and I know you can't predict the future and sometimes you'll be wrong but your track record will keep me here for a long time

Jon Palacio says:

Thank You…. 👍🙂👍

Ping says:

Thank you 🙂

Chris Whittaker says:

Love your videos little brother. You've def got talent. Those h&S's are unbelievable. I am heavy into shorts right now so I really enjoyed this video for sure. What are your percentage of positive trades if you don't mind me asking. I am at 67.7% since I started margin trading on July 25th with net of 247k to date.


I helped the community by disliking your video. Keep shitting around.

manos kourtis says:


29battles says:

Let them be the idiots bro!
You are too good to them

VanDerBalls says:

Been waiting for this. This channel is the real deal👍🏿

Ismail Mohd says:

First? Lol.

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