This Is The Calm Before The Storm – A HUGE Bitcoin Move Is Coming

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In this video we discuss the volatility of the Bitcoin market, as well as the breakout that is certain to happen, since we have mostly been trading sideways for several weeks. We also discuss some news that has to do with Bitcoin and the Japanese government.

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Nathan julien says:

Thanks jebb for video

arch frank says:

Most useless video I have seen in the last few months. No technical analysis at all.

Zachary Soun says:

I'm watching the 55 ema on the weekly. I'm bullish until that breaks

cowboyspacezombie says:

Pretty great video today! Way to dig deep on a flat market day! That's the kinda stuff that makes this a great channel!

Belinda Meitiboubis says:

Yes volatilty is cyclical but you have no idea which way price will go when volatility rises. You are just hyping bullishness because the survival of your channel depends on it – just like all the other YouTube 'experts' – oh yes, you got into bitcoin 2 years ago.

Vic Holtreman says:

That Japan news is NUTS.

Marks Piano - PGN Piano says:

I find it soooo hard to have patience haha. We finally broke out that 3 month triangle or wedge and now we aren't moving yet again… Thanks so much for all your efforts Jebb!!!!

jamel hook says:

Hello jebb, I have emailed you twice already in regards to your course. I would like to know if you still have the one time payment option available?

Emil Owner says:

A terrible song

Wayne says:

Up or Down. Either way is entirely possible.

Richard Keelin says:

Yep, another big move down probably.

Raul Dobble says:

The price just rocketed by $120

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