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The Speed of Money: What Faster Payments Mean for Banks, Consumers and the Economy

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Innovations that enable faster payment processing — at or near real time — are changing how people around the globe use money. Even the U.S., a relative laggard, is seeing movement by both industry and government. The proliferation of these new payment solutions may call into question the future of traditional services like cards, checks and the existing interbank infrastructure. Yet the outcome is far from clear. We know that the use of faster payment systems is growing, but is there enough demand that they might actually displace traditional services? Furthermore, the impact of faster settlement on the economy may not be fully understood. What are the risks and the advantages for consumers, merchants and governments?

Jackson Mueller, Policy Research Analyst, Center for Financial Markets, Milken Institute

Daniel Gonzalez, Vice President, Payment Industry Relations, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Jordan Lampe, Director of Communications and Policy Affairs, Dwolla
Jane Larimer, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, ACH Network Administration & General Counsel, NACHA
Shivani Siroya, Founder and CEO, InVenture


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