The Crypto Markets JUMP! …Why?

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The Crypto Markets JUMP! …Why? Let’s talk Bitcoin and Litecoin.

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Crypto Daily says:

– Make your taxes easier with:
or use the promo code "cryptodaily" at checkout for a 10% discount. (Affiliate link)

fabi837 says:

Equal (eql) will be king in 2019!! Better buy now.

BlueB xico says:

new here…My God, love your vids, they are so entertaining yet go to the point. Keep the great work !

Miguel Rivera says:


Need that hoodie

elenayianni says:

Can you produce a tutorial on the shapes you just threw?

Abdul Aburwein says:

litecoin is the new bitcoin?!


3:10 lol hhhhh

Blujay188 says:

that rainbow six siege bit had me DEAD LMAOOOOOO

Truce says:

Funny and educational. Great vid

Allan Jameson says:

I think Daps coin will become the best privacy coin in 2019.

Eric Brooks says:

Yes, it was indeed a good episode (as usual). And at the very least I'll continue watching just to see the funky green screen effect on your bonsai tree.. 😉

Jan-Martin Ulvåg says:

Question is not how many bitcoin has been lost but how many bitcoin is lost every day and…..

Noah R. says:

Funniest youtuber in my opinion, keep it up 👍

Arun Mhetre says:

There already exists a LiteCoin with privacy, check the link

Ryan M says:

The reason it jumped was because of the sec thing. That’s the reason not some guy tweeting something

Shams Al iqabi says:

dude, this is a meme channel, lmao good work tho appreciate the daily news

TripDarlin says:

These vids 🤣😂👏🏽

PC SpecOps says:

OMG dude, that bird in the glass meme just made me piss myself 🤣😂😳Brilliant! Oh your tree’s going nuts again btw

John Schofield says:

'The Crypto Markets JUMP! …Why?'
… lol why does crypto do anything? Its a beast that follows whatever rules it wants.

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