The 9 Best Crypto Currency Exchanges for Americans!

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Bitcoin and platforms like Ethereum are here to stay. In a previous video I showed you how to accept crypto currency payment on your website. Now, let’s take a look at the different exchanges available to Americans.

Once you start earning crypto currency as a form of payment, or perhaps you just want to learn and understand more about how to get direct exposure to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other stable coins then you’ll want to sign up to a few different, regulated exchanges.

Most start with Coinbase and it’s a good exchange if you want to purchase a specific type of currency as a one time order. The fees are high and if you want to trade then consider looking at Coinbase Pro. But once you’re ready to expand beyond Coinbase you’ll want to first look at Gemini.

It’s an exchange that will pay you interest on select tokens you hold in your account. In addition, you can pair it with the Brave browser to earn BAT, or basic attention token. Functionally, you can get paid to use this web browser. Beyond that you have places like Voyager and the Celcius Network where you can get exposure to coins not available on Coinbase or GeminiLast is the Uniswap protocal. It’s a decenteralized exchange ideal for swapping any ECR20 token. It allows you to swap between different tokens.

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