In this interview, Token Clan is glad to have Omar Chen, the CEO of cryptocurrency exchange, who will be sharing his insights and predictions into cryptocurrencies as well as what, a cryptocurrency exchange [More]
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Discussing the issues and challenges with NFTs, DeFi from Crypto Valley
Tino Ahlers im Talk mit Marc Friedrich und Florian Kössler – Marc ist mehrfacher Bestsellerautor mit nun 6 Bestsellern in Folge, Finanzexperte, bekannter YouTuber mit mehr als 185.000 Abonnenten, Unternehmer, Investor, Berater und Vordenker. Florian [More]
Im Talk mit Sven Lachmund geht es um die Frage, was bewegt ein Persönlichkeits-Coaching in einem Leben mit Herausforderungen und Erfolgen? Kann es ein Leben einer Person wirklich nachhaltig und vorteilhaft verändern? Kann es ein [More]
Tino Ahlers im Talk mit Dr. Julian Hosp – Unternehmer, Investor, Founder und Familienvater Im Gespräch wer ist Julian Hosp im Business und privat.. Hier die Webseite von CAKEDEFI, die Julian und sein Team extrem [More]
We have Gamerhash co-founder Artur Pszczolkowski as our guest, and we talk together about Gamerhash’s journey and next milestones, the current crypto market, Bitcoin, his time in Crypto-Valley, and many other interesting topics. Tune in [More]
With enthusiastic celebrities, influencers and newcomers entering the crypto world, some are concerned that these are your classic signs of a euphoric market top. Is there merit to this? Or is it a red herring? [More]
While the Internet has profoundly impacted global society, new questions must be asked. When the human species reflects on the Internet in 2081 a hundred years after its invention will the Internet be viewed as [More]
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Futures Open. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crypto and Market Talk. Discussion topics include NIO Day, Bitcoin All time Highs, Ethereum All time highs, is it too late for Bitcoin and Ethereum, what is up with Nio Day? [More]
Suggested Broker: ICMarkets: eToro: Click the link below to sign up with TradingView.… If you are a beginner and want to learn more about trading, to become a professional trader, then follow [More]
Discussing Bitcoin All Time Highs, Stocks, Plans for 2021, and Making VIDZ. Come hand out and talk. Watch a degenerate Trade the market open. Stocks, Options and Futures. Portfolio Management. Crypto Currency and Bitcoin Talk. [More]
Cash Fusion and trustless privacy for Bitcoin Cash with Mark Lundeberg and Jonald Fyookball.
This talk is on Consensus in Blockchain, delivered by Dr. Subhasish Dhal, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIIT Guwahati. It was a part of a webinar organised by IQAC and Department of [More]
Research Talk Title: Self-Sovereign Health Data Management: Opportunities and Challenges by Dr. Victoria Lemieux Abstract: There is a news story almost every day about how individuals’ personal data are being harvested, shared with and used [More]
The book talk introduces Primavera De Filippi’s and Aaron Wright’s “Blockchain and the Law”, which urges the legal systems to catch up with emerging technologies. That is because disintermediation—a blockchain’s greatest asset—subverts critical regulation. By [More]
Late Night Session: Let’s Talk Cryptocurrencies! Money of the Future Topic: 1. Ernst & Young Launches Application to Help US Crypto Investors With Tax Filings 2. Guide To Altcoin Selection 3. Jim Rogers: [More]
This is the second part of who I am. If you haven’t watched the first part please click on the following link: Join the Slack beauty group and share your experience: 🎶G E [More]
Mike goes over the premarkets as the DOW was up 230 points. Mike is managing long call debit spreads in EA, GIS, and CRM from his 21 day EMA pullback trades from last week. Rob [More]
Basic introduction on Blockchain technlogy and its applications, and few myth busters
Shill Me Your Favorite Altcoin Projects And For This One Live Stream I Will Talk About them! I will give my opinion on what is POSITIVE & what is NEGATIVE about each one. (Of course [More]
Talk about Crypto Currency(Hex and Lbc update) Usapang Crypto muna guys- #CryptoTalk #Hexcoin #LbcLbrycredits #Tutorials Dont for get the golden Rules: Invest what you can affort to lost. Hex revolution of 2020 2024 Hex winner [More]
1. Today I discuss Fiat & Crypto markets 2. So much to talk about 3. Where to from now 4. The opportunities Find out more at: Donations thank you sxxx rLW9gnQo7BQhU6igk5keqYnH3TVrCxGRzm Tag [More]
It seems everything today is now “Blockchain enabled”, but what attributes make up a good Blockchain project? Many companies fall into the same trap of thinking that “The Blockchain is a silver bullet”. In this [More]
In this video we’ll talk about the best wallet for bitcoin and also cover some best security practices in regards to dealing with crypto currency. When choosing a wallet for bitcoin sometimes we think the [More]
This is a 1.4 hour podcast . B.Nuts the most accurate forcastor and Sage talks in different subjects Art the psychology of the crypto investors and how the Bounties are lying to you. This is [More]