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Cryptocurrency continues to feel massive pain with big losses on USD and on BTC values. In this video, we discuss the safest way to navigate the crypto and bitcoin market right now. #bitcoinnews #cryptonews #cryptocrash [More]
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Jerome Powell says cryptocurrencies are more of a speculative asset, Elon Musk to support China’s carbon emission plan 제롬파월 연준의장, 가상화폐는 투기성 자산..유용한 가치 저장 수단 아니다 Turning to some of the world economic headlines, [More]
Gold Losing Investors to Cryptocurrencies. Retail Trader May Lose Bitcoin To Institutional Traders.JP Morgan Asserts That Adoption of Bitcoin by Institutional Investors has Begun. For more news please follow: https://www.btcnn.com/ Dukascoin – Cryptocurrency by a [More]
Intro 00:00 Must see $24k target context 00:30 BTC dip…you should be prepared 1:00 Bitcoin daily chart support 1:50 Short term inverse head and shoulder $24k target 3:30 Important shoulder setup 4:15 Fibonacci resistance 5:50 [More]
SmartKiosk integrates with various payment methods such as Octopus, Credit Card, Alipay, WeChat Pay, and Fast Payment System (FPS) in Hong Kong telecom shops.
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The Algorand Foundation has announced that the USD Coin ( USDC ) stablecoin will be launched on the Algorand ( ALGO ) blockchain. The integration will allow customers using Circle APIs or Circle Business Accounts [More]
Morning Bitcoin update for 21st June 2020. If you are interested in learning how to hedge your Bitcoin exposure using options then let me know in the comments and I can do a video on [More]
For the last two weeks we have been discussing the $0.175 price level and how it was the most likely price level to be touched. As the daily and weekly candles closed yesterday, the Ripple [More]
“We want to help the environment help itself.” I finished my architecture studies (MSc) at the TU Eindhoven. My dissertation project is called “Envisioning the Anthropocene” and explores an alternative scenario for the relationship between [More]
Today we are bringing you some of the experts from MLL and PWC that will shed some light on the topic of finanical support for companies during the COVID-19 Crisis. Enjoy! Follow us on LinkeIn [More]
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Markets Update: Top Cryptos Reclaim Support as RVN Rallies Markets Update: Top Cryptos Reclaim Support as RVN Rallies The leading cryptocurrency markets are attempting to reclaim the losses incurred during Tuesday’s dip, with many crypto [More]
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