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Our daily technical analysis feed asset management on current market trends in forex, cryptocurrencies #التداول بالذهب #تداول تعلم #تداول سوق المال
Interoperability makes digital payments more convenient for customers and can encourage competition in financial services, but achieving interoperability can be very difficult. In this webinar, CGAP covers the key steps to achieving interoperability and highlights [More]
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Today I am going to go over 2 much needed services in the crypto market! If you are going to grow your wealth and keep the stakes you make you are definitely going to wanna [More]
Basler Kantonalbank, or BKB, a government-owned commercial bank in Switzerland, is planning to launch cryptocurrency services through its banking subsidiary. According to an Aug. 3 report by local news agency Finews, BKB’s subsidiary and a [More]
Rana Basu, Ondiflo’s COO, talks about the company bringing Blockchain to the Oil and Gas industry’s ticketing-based services.
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Malta has introduced extensive legislation and a new regulatory framework which shall regulate cryptocurrencies, the issuing of initial coin offerings (ICOs), cryptocurrency exchanges and services providers of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). The legislation on blockchain [More]
Business Nightly: The government, which is looking to use blockchain technology to improve its services, especially in promoting ease of doing business in the country, is tapping a US-based tech firm for this plan. To [More]
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