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The latest “Crypto Valley VC Top 50 Report” accounts for over 900 firms with 11 unicorns, led by protocols such as Ethereum ($157.2B), Polkadot ($29.3B), Cosmos ($3.8B), and Near ($1.1B). Join this flagship panel discussion [More]
Harmony aims to offer a fast and open blockchain for decentralized applications. The protocol, according to the team, has achieved secure and random state sharding. Harmony Mainnet can reportedly support thousands of nodes in multiple [More]
Please change your life!!! Click on the link! Can you afford this thing?: Software at the best prices: An Israeli startup Starkware believes it can solve two of the most pressing issues [More]
Vitalik Buterin and crypto friends, I found a decentralized Cloud for Ethereum Scalability it’s call NextCloud, that’s it I am amazed I know the benefit this will bring to the space. Please help maintain and [More]
Speaking with the Toronto Star Vitalik  suggested projects that are considering whether to build on the technology will likely be butted out as the blockchain is overloaded with transactions. Still, Buterin’s comments speak to his [More]
Ethereum Serenity Enables 1000x Increase in Scalability Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News //Pivot 4 Bitcoin invested by Finance Exchange, laptop, bitcoin que hacer, GUID, dubaicoin, freebitcoin #coinsph, Pivot App Full Guide, bitcoin hacking software, 1 [More]
Celer Network is honored to be invited and attend Ethereum’s biggest conference of the year — DevCon4. On November 1st, as the representative of the off-chain scaling solutions, we shared our latest technological breakthroughs and product developments [More]