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Ashton Addison speaks with Erik Nurm, Co-Founder of Coinswap. Erik discusses their Decentralized Exchange, advantages of their DEX built on Binance Smart Chain, how they’ve achieved the lowest fees, their mass harvest and staking functions, [More]
BREAKING: A design implementation of a blockchain-based ‘points system’ has been posted to Reddit. It looks like cryptocurrency is about to get a MASSIVE BOOST! Sign up for the first Bitcoin rewards card and get [More]
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Bitcoin Ransom: Hacker Group Releases Layer 1 Of “Damaging” 9/11 Papers A group going by the name “thedarkoverlord” has been threatening to release 9/11 papers in lieu of a Bitcoin ransom. They demand a huge [More]
OWLT Market is a premier knowledge bank for cryptocurrency. We constantly update Crypto-buyers, sellers and enthusiasts about the ongoing trading market through numerous relevant news stories. We also enlighten readers with various crypto-guides so that [More]