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Jul.19 — Changpeng Zhao, founder and chief executive officer at Binance Holdings Ltd., discusses the price of bitcoin, what it will take to get across the $10,000 threshold and why we’re seeing a rise in [More]
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Not surprising… #Bitcoin finally dumped after being rejected multiple times at key resistance, but was that the only reason for the sell-off? Shopify adds cryptocurrency payments, #BTC fundamentals still bullish long-term, crypto news and more! [More]
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BAKKT about to be shelved for POOR BTC PERFORMANCE! How long can it run with such TERRIBLE volume! Institutions raising BUY SIGNALS FOR BITCOIN as they see a market turn around close! Get the world’s [More]
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With huge uncertainty on global markets and recessionary threats ahead, is Bitcoin REALLY a global hedge? Is now a good time to buy? What do do the experts say?
There is seriously something wrong with the valuations in FIAT markets at the moment. The cash and bond market is pricing in Recession/Depression, the Foreign Exchange market is getting more volatile & USD, GBP CAD [More]
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