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Bybit : MEXC Global : Address : 0x12513335ffD5DAfc2334e98625d27c1CA84bff86 Website : CertiK : Twitter : Telegram : Tele News : Medium : Chart : ————————————- ▶ Group [More]
END OF CRYPTO Is it the end of the crypto market? Is Bitcoin going to reach $ 100,000 or drop to $20,000? Welcome dear friends, to another video of the BabaCrypto channel. In this video, [More]
Hey!!! I am becoming so empowered! So, my car was messing up, I had someone work on it and I ended up having to change my fuel pump myself. Whoa! Hey now! I’m super happy [More]
This video is recorded live to proof how effective winmax miner software it.
Peter Robinson ( delivers a talk on Decentralized Random Number Generation. This talk covers many techniques: XOR, Commit-Reveal, RANDAO and Hash Onions, Verifiable Delay Functions (VDF), Shamir’s Threshold Scheme, Pedersen’s Scheme, my scheme, and Justin [More]