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#trustswap #qtum #electroneumnews QTUM Hardfork & Offline Staking Launch | TrustSwap Launchpad Announcement | TrustSwap Price Analysis | Build Your Own Payments & Incentives Using Elrond Assets via Fuse Network | BTC Special Event 50% [More]
xDai Launches Easy Mobile Staking | My top pic at on 2nd August $3:50 | Vitalik mentions xDai as another chain parallel to Ethereum to build on | EFX – The Effect DAO Phase [More]
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Bitcoin surged yesterday and altcoins seems to follow today. Mattie will give you the latest news from, Enjin coin, Cardano, QTUM and of course Bitcoin. He will also talk about Binance being hacked as [More]
From the newest episode of the Crypto Digest you will learn about Ethereum-based futures contracts, Tron’s partnership with crypto lending platform Cred, and Qtum’s blockchain developer toolkit. Trade crypto currencies:
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In an interesting development, the Chinese division of Amazon Web Services(AWS) has partnered with Qtum, a public blockchain. This partnership will allow AWS users to develop smart contracts quickly and efficiently and with much lesser [More]