Join us for another weekly review of the Crypto Market with Dee @ ADAPT Crypto. This week we took a deep dive into some upcoming token news for Insured Finance (INFI), HARD Protocol (HARD), OraiChain (ORAI) and Kyber Network (KNC) as well as an introduction to an upcoming soon to be launched token on Polkastarter known as Public Mint (MINT).

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Time Stamps:
Introduction: 0:00​
Upcoming Token News – INFI: 0:56
Upcoming Token News – HARD: 2:04
Upcoming Token News – ORAI: 2:55
Upcoming Token News – KNC: 4:56
Introduction to soon to Launch – MINT: 6:56
ADAPT Crypto Update: 8:17

In December 2020, the leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced that it was planning to go public. However, unlike most Silicon Valley companies, Coinbase intends to sell its shares by direct listing instead of an initial public offering (IPO).
Coinbase is a primary hub for retail and institutional traders to purchase cryptocurrencies. Brian Armstrong, the company’s current CEO, launched the business in 2012 along with Fred Ehrsam. Expectedly, as cryptocurrencies gained popularity, so did Coinbase. The company gained the ‘unicorn’ status in 2017, and its latest valuation, in 2018, was $8 billion.
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U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for an initial public offering (IPO), according to a report from The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

This makes Coinbase the first major bitcoin company to go for the public markets, WSJ reported. It is the largest crypto exchange in the U.S.

There are other crypto companies that trade publicly in the U.S., although none are as large as Coinbase, which was recently valued at $8 billion. The company’s goal is to meld its crypto focus with the existing financial system and to make bitcoin more accessible to more people, WSJ reported.

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This week Robert Koenig explains the difference between private and public keys , addresses and mnemonic phrases. He reports important news: JP Morgan 180 degree change, PayPal starting to get involved in cryptos and a potential decoupling of the Bitcoin price and the US stock exchange.

PayPal allows Bitcoin and crypto spending

JPMorgan’s Dimon says bitcoin ‘is a fraud’

Bitcoin has ‘considerable’ upside, JPMorgan says

Mnemonic Code Converter

Speaker(s): Panelists include Brian Behlendorf (Executive Director, Hyperledger), Ben Bartlett (Partner, Tackett Bartlett LLP), and Michele Benedetto Neitz (Professor of Law, Golden Gate University School of Law). Moderated by Camille Crittenden, Ph.D., Executive Director of CITRIS and the Banatao Institute.

Abstract: Blockchain technology has gained notoriety over the past decade as a platform for cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, which has been used for illicit exchange of weapons and drugs, as well as paying off hackers whose ransomware holds computer systems hostage. At the same time, researchers and developers have been exploring the use of blockchain and the broader domain of distributed ledger technology for more beneficial applications, such as in healthcare, education, property title, and public finance.

California lawmakers commissioned a task force in 2019 to study the potential of blockchain for public sector applications by creating the Blockchain Working Group. The 20-member group, including those speaking today, comprised experts in computer science, cybersecurity, information technology, law, and policy. We were charged with drafting a working definition of blockchain, providing advice to State offices and agencies considering blockchain platforms, and offering guidance to policymakers to foster an open and equitable regulatory environment for the technology in California.

This talk will draw on the panelists’ expertise in the fundamental computer science and security concerns of blockchain, its applications for public finance, and ethical considerations of its development. We will also discuss the experience of working with a broad group of stakeholders to create a roadmap for policymakers, CIOs, and other leaders considering blockchain solutions for public sector applications.

Today on the Brief:
Initial jobless claims rise to highest level since August
BTC as a DeFi reserve asset
Twitter reactions as Filecoin goes live

Our main discussion focuses on the convergence of the crypto and public markets. NLW looks at:
Narratives of bitcoin’s correlations to stocks
Growing overlap of retail and institutional traders
SPACs and public crypto companies
Bitcoin treasuries
Geopolitical intrigue around ANT Financial

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Major Chinese Bitcoin ( BTC ) mining equipment maker Ebang, which is reportedly getting listed on Nasdaq Global Market later today, is planning to expand its business by setting up a cryptocurrency exchange and mining farms. As told to Cointelegraph by an Ebang representative in a recent interview, the company intends to carve out a unique role in the industry by building “a global blockchain and a digital economy industrial ecosystem.” That would include setting up a cryptocurrency exchange and mining facilities, the spokesperson elaborated:“We will soon establish our own mining farms with [a] flexible cooperation model . as well as mining pools to sell our computing power and we will also start to set up [a] cryptocurrencies trading exchange.”Additionally, the Hangzhou-based company will “explore the application of blockchain technology into financial services, education and healthcare industries.”Getting listed on Nasdaq will help the crypto firm to pursue these plans, the Ebang representative added, since it will supposedly enhance its brand awareness and “attract more talent.” Being a publicly traded company could also help setting up a cryptocurrency exchange:“Credit is the most important point for establishing the cryptocurrencies trading exchange, and a Nasdaq listed company regulated by U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission should be able to strictly control the compliance and safety of the transaction.”Such plans are also documented in filings the company submitted to the SEC, where it described setting a cryptocurrency exchange “in overseas jurisdictions.” Although Ebang is based in China, where cryptocurrency trade is outlawed, its holding company is incorporated in the Cayman Islands. As previously reported by Cointelegraph , Ebang is expected to get listed on Nasdaq Global Market under the ticker EBON later today, on June 26. If the stock exchange launch goes through, it will become the second crypto mining company to go public in the United States after its competitor, fellow China-based firm Canaan. Ebang aims to raise up to $125 million, which could put its market value close to $800 million.

All data is taken from the source:
Article Link:

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Learn more about the pillars of Blockchain and the benefits of using this technology.

MoneyLab: Coining Alternatives
Session 1: Monetization of everything

Bill Maurer (US): Closed Loops and Private Gateways: Money, Technology and the Public Interest in Payment
Conference Day 1 (21 March 2014)

From ancient tallies to coins, cards, and now mobile devices, money has always been a matter of technology interfacing with law, with rights and corresponding remedies embedded in institutional arrangements, and with the material form of money and/or its accounts-keeping. A ‘Cambrian explosion in payments’ is currently taking place – a profusion of business experiments with new technologies for the systems that people use every day in physical and online spaces to buy things. It is raising anew questions about the role of the state and public institutions in warranting the clearance, settlement, and safety of retail payments, as well as, more profoundly, the role of the state in warranting money itself. That this Cambrian explosion comes on the heels of the global financial crisis is no coincidence: the financial crisis put the wind back in the sails of alternative currency proponents, ‘sound money’ advocates and gold bugs, as well as others interested in challenging the state’s monopoly over money. How can we understand the public function of payment as a kind of utility in our digital and data-saturated world, especially as ‘big data’ leads many corporate actors to seek to commodify behaviour and activity in a new way, simultaneously creating and enclosing new commons?

EXTERIOR live at Ethereum Nights, Saturday 10th March 2018.

Visuals: Panagiotis Baras

Sharing information on public and private keys that are used in blockchain transactions.



2nd May 2019 | Bangalore

Session 2: BlockChain in Public Service Delivery


CEO, Digiledge

Managing Partner, SnapperTech

Founder, Signzy

Partner , VeriDoc


Partner, KPMG India

Faireum a public blockchain to resolve the problems of the online gambling industry
Username – sauravrajput

Join us as we explore how #public transport and #tech are intertwined and embedded in our journeys. We will look at how the many different examples of how #blockchain has impacted our lives and what does it bode for the future. These concepts will be broken down within within our #blockchain explained series. #DiverseTakeAways are small snippets of news and views from a number of tech events throughout the year. And finally, we will explore how duplicity thrives in the corporate landscape with our investigative Exposés, so come and explore the world of DiverseCoderTV.

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