This is a 1.4 hour podcast . B.Nuts the most accurate forcastor and Sage talks in different subjects Art the psychology of the crypto investors and how the Bounties are lying to you. This is the 1st of a series of free flow talks from cryptos most interesting commentator. Some say more interesting then SamIAm. B.Nuts can no way accept that . He just cant believe that would be possible. Subscribe hit like and the bell I’ll do more if there is a demand for this format. Best listen to before bed. My voice is relaxing. Watch my other videos they are timeless wisdom. | In this video Caleb Wright [creator of Bitcoin Lifestyles Club] will go in depth on the topics of ‘Mindset’ and ‘Market Psychology’, in a way where you’ll be able to learn how to start developing a WINNING mindset in regard to the markets and have a greater understanding of how the other various players of the market are thinking during the various types of ‘market events’ that happen cyclically. Enjoy the training, I know you’ll get a lot out of it!

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