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Check out KuCoin’s Spotlight Project Fracton Protocol & How to Participate via the links below KuCoin Spotlight How to Participate 🔥 Ready to start trading? Sign up for KuCoin and get 20% off [More]
Exchange, swap, convert and buy Ocean Protocol without sign-up for over 500 crypto and fiat currencies: The Ocean Protocol blockchain-based ecosystem is designed to enable individuals and companies to discover the value of their [More]
Data, Data, Data. Whether it’s data analytics or data privacy, data is a huge topic right now. Getting the amount of data need for predictive modeling and to train AI or Artificial Inteligence is also [More]
Ashton Addison speaks with Jag Sidhu, Lead developer of Syscoin on their layer 1 protocol, on taking the best from Bitcoin and Ethereum, building a smart contract platform with better finality and decentralization while backing [More]
Ashton Addison speaks with Ryan Chow, the Co-Founder of Solv Protocol, on their Financial NFT ecosystem, the Solv Vouchers, the ERC-3525 token standard they have pioneered, Financial NFT marketplace, their Binance Labs partnership, and more. [More]
Yo guys this is why I said in the very beginning dont spend more than you can afford on these projects because there is always the chance you will lose your money. But hey at [More]
IstBCW / ExpertTalk Meetings serisinin yeni konuğu O(1) Labs tarafından geliştirilen Mina Protocol CEO’su Evan Shapiro! Shapiro ile Blockchain ekosistemindeki yeni projeleri, Mina’nın zkProof çerçevesinde geliştirdiği protokol altyapısı ile ekosistemde getireceği çığır açıcı yenilikleri Mina [More]
Yo guys today we look at how much I got from staking on the Jade Protocol! Let me know if you guys like this kind of content and what other kind of content you want [More]
#Bitcoin #Crypto #TokenMetrics #IronFish #Colony #UNIX #Gaming #C3 #Protocol #Netvrk Sign up for Token Metrics at Token Metrics Media LLC is a regular publication of information, analysis and commentary focused especially on blockchain technology [More]
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XinFin is a hybrid blockchain platform that is built to modernize the global trade and finance sector through an accessible, efficient, and highly versatile decentralized infrastructure solution. XDC is the coin of Xinfin network it will be used in [More]
Shash is joined by Harjyot Singh. Harjyot is a tech entrepreneur from London. He is the technology and cryptocurrency director at Human Protocol and the CEO at Provenance Labs. Harjyot has a Bachelor of Science [More]
Cryptocurrency cyber attacks are continuing at an alarming rate. They are one of the largest threats to the legitimacy of Cryptocurrencies. HAPI is focusing on creating a safer environment for cryptocurrencies through oracles and audit [More]
Truebit is a blockchain enhancement which enables smart contracts on Ethereum to securely perform giga-complex computations in standard programming languages at vastly lower gas fees. I’m still on the fence on Truebit Protocol personally, but [More]
What is GET Protocol? In this GET Protocol intro video, watch this GET Protocol explainer. We get right to the point in this short GET Protocol video. Check out this GET Protocol overview on MarketSquare, [More]
Today we are reviewing Unlock Protocol, a project we made for investors and ourselves 3x money Rex Holding. We share thoughts on this project’s use cases and explain how we see the future of paywalls [More]
Ashton Addison interviews Illia Polosukhin, Co-Founder of NEAR Protocol. Illia discusses NEAR protocol’s blockchain development ecosystem, some of the Dapps being built on NEAR, the rainbow bridge to the Ethereum Virtual Machine, the functionalities of [More]
Hedging Crypto Market Risk With DeFi| Benchmark Protocol (MARK) News and Updates | 100x Show #Benchmark #MARK #Crypto Hedging Crypto Market Risk With DeFi | Benchmark Protocol (MARK) News and Updates | 100x Show 100X [More]
Ashton Addison interviews Li Jun, Founder of SAGA and Ontology. SAGA Protocol is focused on privacy protection, handling data securely, having fair access to data, and more. It is a decentralized data protocol for cross-organization [More]
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ETH 2.0 POS Launch is Imminent per Quantstamp | TomoChain and Lition (LIT) on Enterprise Expansion | OCEAN Protocol advertised on Lloyds Bank on LinkedIn | VeChain VET celebrates Huobi’s 7th Birthday | Gold per [More]
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Eleven01 Debut Motion Graphic – Premiered @ 2018 International Blockchain Congress to a crowd of 2,000 participants from across the globe & reps from IBM, Infosys, Accenture, Microsoft, and others. Eleven01 is aiming to reshape [More]
Twogap – Thriving Crypto Market by Cross-Exchanges and Crypto-Securities #Twogap #Blockchain #Bitcoin #Cryptobonds #Cryptocurrency #Crypto #CrossExchange #IEO
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Professor Jason Potts and Doctor Chris Berg discuss the economics of blockchain and the blockchain economy.
ThunderCore pourrait vite devenir un protocol très utilisé par les Blockchain ERC20 dans un premier temps et d’autres par la suite. Je suis vraiment content d’avoir réussi à vous présenter ce projet malgré sa complexité. [More]
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