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At this point its no big secret, out of all crypto projects, XRP may have taken the biggest hits so far during this bull run. With everything going on with the SEC lawsuit, we have [More]
Peter Harrigan capped off his career as a floor trader on the CME and the Pacific Exchange in the middle of a bear market in 2002. Since then, he’s managed money, helped start up an [More]
Financial Futures Pioneer Continues as Early Adopter on the Right Side of Major Trends Bradley Rotter has been a pioneer in financial futures, hedge fund investing and cryptocurrencies. He was on the trading floor of [More]
CluCoin Token Overview 100X Potential | CluCoin Crypto This is just a short video on New Coin CluCoin which so so new right now DYOR before investing and it look like a great project How [More]
In this video, we will learn about what is blockchain? what are smart contracts? what is cryptocurrency? what is bitcoin? Which all courses you can follow? And I have given a few project ideas which [More]
I am a huge fan of this concept as hedging is key to staying profitable, learn more about Project Inverse Home Interested in being featured on The O Show? Contact Heather on Telegram @crowbooking Official [More]
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Divs.IO is a really cool new crypto project. A hybrid centralized / decentralized exchange that allows users to exchange over 200 crypto assets at the best prices while also earning rewards by staking the divs [More]
Prophecy Project Review – Buy PRY TOKEN – Valuable CryptoCurrency #pry #prophecy #defi #project #token #blockchain Prophecy is a value transfer network of economically incentivized actors that come to consensus on the state of the [More]
While other cryptos can loose 90-99% of their value overnight, Wise token has a price floor that ensures all users’ money is safe in the system. Find out how Wise innovated this technology with help [More]
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IGGalaxy is migrating away from Tron and onto the Matic Network. They hope that this move will allow their platform to go mainstream, while simultaneously avoiding what they referred to as “performance constraints of the [More]
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Get ready for the next chapter with Powermine as they are expanding into things that are hot right now. Ethereum and DeFi projects have nearly 10x’d in value over the past two months. With the [More]
ETHLend is an innovative platform for making loans between individuals. It is a DAPP, a decentralized application, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The initial goal of the developers is to allow the users to [More]
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Check out how these 2 laptops hold up to mining bitcoin for self interest and to find out if it is worth it. Bonus: I will give away the BTC being mined here to random [More]
3WM is a worldwide undertaking battling contamination of soil, water and air. We have made an idealistic ecological circle in light of blockchain and progressive modern advances, troublesome and protected, squander recuperation, sanitization of water, [More]
Today we are going to look at the price of Bitcoin. Then we are going to examine WHY decentralized finance is decoupling from Bitcoin and whether or not it will continue. What would decoupling do [More]
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Hello Cryptoheads!Today’s news includes three major headlines from the crypto world. This segment will answer the following questions: 1. Why the global Bitcoin hash rate has gone down? 2.Which region is continually growing in terms [More]
Cryptocurrency healthcare startup, Solve. Care, recently launched a blockchain remote medicine platform. According to an announcement sent to Cointelegraph on May 22, Solve. Care announced a new marketplace that allows users to consult medical practitioners [More]
Bitcoin is a famous crypto currency created in 2009. With its ups and downs, you can win or lose everything ! And as it is crypto, there are no tangible bills…What a marvelous opportunity for a swindler [More]
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ABOUT THIS VIDEO: ” RAW Super 35mm FOOTAGE” The Sonoma Wine Trek Project: : LATEST EPISODE ~ ./ Trek to the Land of Zin ~ Time-Lapse / Dry Creek Valley Wine Region (intro) Total Length: [More]
Published on Nov 25, 2019 ================================== ABOUT THIS VIDEO TITLE: River Run Wild WRITTEN: Nov 25, 2019 by: Gerard Ange’ PUBLISHED: Nov-25, 2019 BROADCAST LIVE: Nov, 25, 2019 ON LOCATION: at Electric Squirrel Studios @via: [More]
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