Willkommen beim IBB. Heute geht es um das Thema: Alternativen zum Cloud Mining. Welche Alternativen zum Cloud Mining gibt es, es gibt einmal Rollercoin das ist eine sehr profitable Seite, da könnt Ihr entweder Spiele spielen von Level 1 aufsteigen bis Level 10 also je höher Ihr im Level kommt desto besser ist eure Mining Rate also Mining Geschwindigkeit und dadurch bekommt Ihr ein besseres Einkommen. Das Einkommen gilt je nach dem wie viel Spiele Ihr spielt ab 10 bis Zirka 100 Spiele, dann bekommt Ihr den besten PC in euren Raum. Ihr habt da verschiedene Räume Ihr könnt bis zu 4 Räume mit Minern füllen die könnt ihr kaufen oder erspielen je nach dem wie schnell Ihr voran kommen wollt, wenn Ihr sehr schnell voran kommen wollt könnt Ihr die kaufen. Die Seite ist komplett Legal, die zahlt aus die Seite und ist wirklich profitable. Es gibt aktuell eine Aktion die 50% auf die Miner Rabatt gibt. 50% Rabatt auf die Miner. Mit den Minern bekommt Ihr Permanent also euer ganzes Leben lang die Mining Geschwindigkeit die Ihr gekauft habt für immer also Permanent dazu. Das wird euch nie wieder abgezogen das behaltet Ihr für immer und die Seite existiert seit 2018 da sind insgesamt fast 360000 Leute jetzt aktiv also spielen da mit je besser Ihr seid in dem Spiel, desto mehr verdient Ihr, wenn Ihr jetzt aber schnell voran kommen wollt solltet ihr auf jeden Fall Miner kaufen und in die Miner investieren, weil die Miner sind die beste Garantie das Ihr ein hohes Einkommen erzielt also Permanent hohes Einkommen. Es gibt ingesamt 4 Räume je nach dem wie viel Miner Ihr gekauft habt könnt ihr mit einen Umsatz von Zirka 5000 bis 50000 bis 500000 Euro oder Dollar je nach dem rechnen kommt immer auf den Bitcoin Kurs darauf an da müsst ihr entscheidend darauf achten, weil dieser zeigt euch an wie profitable Ihr eingekauft habt und wie viel Ihr bekommt. Je nach dem wie hoch eure Mining Geschwindigkeit ist, desto mehr bekommt Ihr, dann an Bitcoins zurück also Satoshis und der Zweite Alternative Weg wäre: Cryptotabbrowser. Mit dem Browser könnt Ihr passiv Bitcoins verdienen Ihr könnt normal im Internet Surfen das ist komplett Kostenlos alles und das ist ein besserer Browser als Google , Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox , Internet Explorer und so weiter. Das ist eine richtig gute Alternative um passiv Bitcoins zu generieren. je nach dem wie gut euer Computer oder Laptop ist, desto mehr bekommt Ihr zurück also die Rechenleistung die ist ausschlaggebend für das Ergebnis was Ihr bekommt. Ihr könnt den jetzt Acht Stunden am Tag anlassen, Ihr könnt den ein ganzen Tag anlassen Ihr bekommt immer wieder Bitcoins solange Ihr den Cryptotabbrowser offen habt. Das war das Video zu Alternativen zum Cloud Mining im nächstem Video geht es darum: Bitcoin ist die Währung der Zukunft. Weshalb das so ist erfahrt ihr im nächstem Video bleibt dran.

Welcome to IBB. Today it is about the topic: alternatives to cloud mining. What alternatives to cloud mining are there, there is Rollercoin which is a very profitable site, as you can either play games from level 1 to level 10 so the higher you get in the level, the better your mining rate is so mining speed and that gives you a better income. The income depends on how much games you play from 10 to about 100 games, then you get the best PC in your room. You have different rooms you can fill up to 4 rooms with miners that you can buy or play depending on how fast you want to move forward, if you want to move very fast you can buy them. The site is completely legal, which pays out of the site and is really profitable. There is currently a promotion that gives 50% on the miner discount. 50% discount on the miners. With the miners, you’ll get the mining speed you’ve bought forever. That will never be deducted from you again that you keep forever and the site exists since 2018 since a total of almost 360000 people are now active so play with the better you are in the game, the more you earn, but if you want to move quickly now you should definitely buy miners and invest in the miners because the miners are the best guarantee you get a high income so permanently high income. There are a total of 4 rooms depending on how much miner you have bought you can with a turnover of about 5000 to 50000 to 500000 euros or dollars depending on the calculation always comes on the Bitcoin price on it you have to pay decisive attention, because this shows you how profitable you have bought and how much you get. Depending on how high your mining speed is, the more you get, then back to Bitcoins so Satoshis and the Second Alternative Way would be: Cryptotabbrowser. Withcan surf normally on the internet which is completely free everything and this is a better browser than Google, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and so on. This is a really good alternative to passively generating bitcoins.

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One of the best ways to make great returns in the crypto space is by investing in STRONG projects and cryptocurrencies, rather than CHEAP ones. The difference between the two, is that strong projects have a safer and have a higher chance of success and will not simply quickly go up, only to down as hard to same or lower levels. Though we have seen pumps and dumps with all sorts of projects, it is irrelevant to longer term investing and finding real value and strength that we are discussing here.

Though majority of coins in crypto will be extremely volatile because of lack of liquidity in general, the best ones to buy are the ones that are generally staying profitable despite the dips. So how we find these? That is the million dollar question.

The price going up is an indicator of interest amongst investors, price going down is reduction in the interest, and we are keeping any possible manipulation out of this conversation because that is one of the hardest factors to analyse.

let’s go through a simple exercise on how you and how Altcoin Buzz has been functioning and how you could use Altcoin Buzz as possible source of finding strong projects. Bsically the strength of a project can be determined on a few main factors:

Community, user base and outreach
Business model and partnerships
Use case and utility
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Trendiness of the Industry and sector the project is in

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The Celsius Network is the first major cryptocurrency lending platform that is profitable, according to its CEO and founder Alex Mashinsky. Cointelegraph interviewed Mashinsky to learn more about this achievement, how the latest market downturn has affected its business and his outlook on the industry. According to Mashinsky, the company was profitable in 2019 on a net income basis and in 2020 on a free cash flow basis. In March, Celsius Network is expected to post record revenues of over $2 million. Mashinsky explains that his company’s balance sheets are much more solid than of his competitors, “about 90% of the deposits come from the retail clients, while close to 100% of the borrowers are institutions.” Citing the recent issue that BitMEX and MakerDAO faced during the most recent market retraction, Mashinksky noted:“BitMEX had to liquidate 90% of their clients, even though they were still making money. We didn’t have a single [institutional] liquidation. They lend to retail speculators, while we lend to institutions. We proved on the worst day that our model works better than MakerDAO, better than DeFi, better than the Fed.”The increased market volatility is a double-edged sword for the company, Mashinsky admitted. On one hand, it can charge higher rates, on the other, “new people are not coming.”Mashinsky believes that, sooner or later, most of the crypto assets will migrate off exchanges: “Coinbase can’t afford to pay everyone 4–5 % interest, they’ll have to come up with a new business model.  They won’t be able to live off of trading fees forever. They’re just another ‘Wall Street’ firm, they charge fees, they don’t create value for the users.”He further stated that all the “off-shore” exchanges will “self-destroy,” and smart ones will move to the regulated jurisdictions — “that’s what Binance is doing.”Despite the latest turmoil in the crypto markets, Mashinsky remains optimistic about his company as an alternative to the traditional financial system:“With Celsius, I wanted to create an alternative to Wall Street, something separate. Banks charge you 24% interest on your credit cards, but they pay you nothing. I knew, if I created a blockchain lending platform, where most of the revenue goes back to the people, eventually, all the money from the banks will flow to Celsius.”For a crypto startup to achieve profitability in less than 24 months is an impressive achievement. It also shows that a crypto business model based on creating value for the community works.

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For day trading and scaling bitcoin or bigger altcoins I use bitmex. It is one of the more better platforms and also allows you to use leverage.

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Disclaimer: I am not a licensed financial advisor! I have done extensive research and I have been investing and trading for a very long time but still this is not financial advise. Be safe, do your own research and dont invest what you can’t afford to lose!

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The 4 tips that took my trading to the next level and allowed me to become a profitable trader.

1. DON’T FOMO. (fear of missing out)
If you see something up with crazy percentage gains, don’t go in. People are bound to sell and take their profits, leaving you in a position to lose money. Don’t put yourself in that position.

2. No emotional trading.
You need to be able to think rationally, with your mind. Not your heart or emotions or feelings. The market doesn’t care about your feelings. Whether if your up or down on a position, you need to think clearly, asses your next move. Take your profits, minimize your losses. No one knows which way the market will go.

3.Wait for confirmation.
This requires some homework. Learn the patterns/charts. Get familiarized with them. (Flags, Pennants, Wedges, Triangles, Head and Shoulders etc) Find out how the candles form. The charts don’t lie. Plan the trade, and trade the plan, this will completely remove your emotions from trading because you foresee what will happen. “If it goes up x amount, I take profit at x target” “If it goes down x amount, I take my loss at x target” Seeing both sides of the possibilities before it even happens.

4. Trading with abundance.
Be selective with your trading. You don’t have to trade every pattern. There will always be another trade for you to take. Especially with crypto markets being 24/7.

“Secret”5. Take profits.
You only profit if you close and take profit. That is the secret to being a profitable trader. No one can predict which way it will go. The worst feeling is being in a position that is in profit and watching it reverse and now you are negative.


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We do not publish a list of the pools we use. Our main criteria for identifying a good pool are: reliability, pricing structure and rejection rate.

Our internal policy is: “to be a good crypto-citizen”. This means that we will use at least two different groups (in some cases we use up to four) for each corner. This is to preserve the decentralized nature of cryptographic networks! If we realize that a pool is getting closer to 50%, we will move away from it and use a backup instead.

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