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Wanting to learn FinTech Law, Data Privacy, Blockchain, NFTs, Tokens, etc. but find it too complex? 🚀 We all know that FinTech Law is a very dynamic area in which new legislation is constantly being [More]
The Crypto Valley Association & Bitcoin Suisse presented its fourth quarterly event focusing around the latest trends in the blockchain & crypto space. Privacy in the era of cryptocurrencies We explored: How money and privacy [More]
On today’s show, we talk about whats going on with Bitcoin and the crypto market. Are we in trouble or will the bulls take back control? MetaMask has a privacy vaunerability, and the company knows [More]
Crypto Valley Conference 2021 Blockchain Analysis – Lucas Betschart, Founder & CEO of 21 Analytics, President of Bitcoin Association Switzerland
Crypto Valley Conference 2021 Self Sovereign e-ID Schemes & Privacy Challenges – Kurt Nielsen & Nagib Aouini from Partisia Blockchain
Sample of multitasking work: learning crypto and transparently showing digital fashion narrative curation process while producing educational content for crypto and new digital narrative space towards Balanced Culture. (During that video I have a [More] Cryptocurrencies are the internet’s currency, and as such, privacy is a fundamental feature that helps users with concealing their identities. Blockchain technology only protects a user’s identity to a certain degree. For people who [More]
New York’s Excelsior Pass, a blockchain-based mobile vaccine passport powered by IBM, has become the subject of contentious debate. Eric Piscini, IBM Watson Health’s Global VP of Blockchain, explains how the app works and takes [More]
2020 is a year that will go down in infamy. the year was absolutely insane, one event after the other, 2021 already has begun with crazy news such as politics going mad, the Social Media [More]
One particular trend observed in healthcare is the progressive shift of data and services to the cloud, partly due to convenience (e.g. availability of complete patient medical history in real-time) and savings (e.g. economics of [More]
Welcome to Go Incognito, a full guide to security, privacy and anonymity. This is lesson 6 of Section 4: Cryptocurrencies. This lesson teaches you what cryptocurrencies are and what they mean for security, privacy, and [More]
Cash Fusion and trustless privacy for Bitcoin Cash with Mark Lundeberg and Jonald Fyookball.
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Dash, a fork of the Bitcoin protocol that began life as Xcoin in 2014, has an optional privacy feature that allows users to hide transaction details if they want to through the network’s mixing mechanism. [More]
In this interview, Chris Belcher dives deeper into part of his presentation on Breaking Bitcoins Privacy. He further explains the trade-off between Privacy and Security.
Discussion Freedom, Privacy and Cryptocurrencies | Xeonbit Discussion 01:07 Facebook Goes All-in on Fintech With Launch of New Product Group 08:20 Why Binance’s New Debit Card Fails to Fullfill Satoshi’s Vision 10:00 Web Traffic on [More]
Blockchain Can Provide the Right to Privacy That Everyone Deserves Some cryptocurrency projects seem to be apologetic for being privacy-focused, given the current regulatory climate and common misconception that privacy coins are used by criminals [More]
#crypto #bitcoinprice #Bitcoin This week The New Kids On The Blockchain bring you all the latest crypto and blockchain news with Crypto Curry Club, Bitcoin price action in depth analysis with Mike from The Holistic [More]
Umbra is protocol for enabling stealth payments on the Ethereum blockchain. It enables privacy preserving transactions where the receiver’s identity is only known to the sender and receiver. Developed by: – Ben DiFrancesco: – [More]
Tornado Cash, a privacy coin mixing tool for the Ethereum network, is now completely permissionless. According to the company’s blog post, from now on the code that runs the service will perpetually self-execute, which means [More]
We discuss privacy, Bitcoin, Monero, Zcash and how it all works with Zcoin’s Project Steward, Reuben Yap gave a video briefing on what has been happening behind the scenes on the Zcoin project. 1:05 I [More]
Please change your life!!! Click on the link! Can you afford this thing?: Software at the best prices: Nik Bougalis, a cryptographer, software engineer and lead of the C++ team at Ripple, [More]
Cryptocurrency Privacy Gets Easier- Pirate Chain Update – Exciting News! I welcome Draeth from the most secure and private cryptocurrency of all. He is back from the Pirate Festival and gives some important updates including [More]
Sessions: – Perspectives on Blockchain from the European Data Protection Board Ken Timsit, ConsenSys (Moderator) Ventsislav Karadjov, European Data Protection Board – State of the Art Cryptographic Tools for Data Privacy Daniel Benarroch, – [More]
Bonjour et bonne semaine à toutes et à tous! Aujourd’hui au programme des news : Okex qui annonce le délisting de 5 privacy coins majeurs, une tendance inquiètante pour ce genre de cryptomonnaies? La [More]
This Bitcoin Dump is a distraction! The volatile price swings, and growing volatility percentages is exactly what happened before Bitcoin last parabolic price run, throughout 2017. These Bitcoin volatility charts signal exactly what is going [More]
Privacy On Ethereum – Tornado Mixer Tutorial In this tutorial I explain how to use the new Tornado Cash mixer built on the Ethereum blockchain to maintain privacy. This is a fantastic development for the [More]
Like, comment and SUBSCRIBE for the latest news, analysis and interviews on Bitcoin & cryptocurrency! NEW BITCOIN AND CRYPTOCURRENCY MERCH at STACKING SATS.! ‘Buy high, sell low’ ‘I bought at the top’ ‘2018 bear market [More]
Is privacy a moving target? Will we get anonymity or are we doomed to 1984? Which wallet is best for privacy: Samourai or Wasabi? It is a mistake to get bogged down in debates about [More]
What is the best way to manage Lightning channels? How usable is the Lightning Network, in comparison to email? How do you re-balance a channel? In what scenario are payment channels useful? Can you identify [More]
#facebookcoin #crypto #cryptotoday #facebook We have heard talk about a “Facebook Coin” with quite a few leaked details, but how does this tie into Zuckerbergs recent rant the he believes “…the future is private”?? In [More]
Craig from Navcoin and I discuss what is happening the markets, the latest trends in privacy tech, and the latest happening at Navcoin. Disclosure: This is an unpaid interview for a project that was deemed [More]
➜ PrimeICO website: ➜ PrimeICO Announcements Channel – ➜ Twitter: ————————————————— Keep Network is building a privacy layer for the Ethereum Blockchain. Whereas it is the nature of public blockchains to create [More]