Elliptic curve cryptography is a relative newcomer to the cryptography scene and is a fundamental component to the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

In this May 1st, 2014 presentation Rich Morgan gives a brief background on the mathematical concepts behind ECC and shows a practical example creating Bitcoin wallet addresses with PHP.

About Rich: Rich is a Software Engineer for BitPay and manages all of their ecommerce/shopping cart plugins & payment gateway integration code libraries. His background is in biology/mathematics and he’s been using PHP for 19 years in a variety of industry segments.

A brief introduction to the Cryptosmith video series.

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Video notes: http://cys.me/vid/c01/

The second video is Eavesdropping on Mobile Purchases vimeo.com/189541035

See the entire Cryptosmith series in its album vimeo.com/album/4229550

For in introduction to crypto basics, watch Grade School Crypto https://vimeo.com/189517140

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On March 13 2020 Clove Inc held the virtual, online event title “A Fun & Practical Look at Blockchain Staking and Doze Dank Memez w/Tezos”

Clove implemented a DApp using the Tezos platform to allow players (attendees) to submit their own meme captions and vote on favorites- winner take all- using real tezzies. The event was cohosted by Kenneth Garofalo, Boston Chapter President at Tezos Commons, who brought great insider information about the Tezos platform and it’s inherent strengths.

#OneBillionWallets #UseCrypto

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Ethereum or Bitcoin career How to get a job in blockchain (Very Practical Programmer explains: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNs_RKmzz58

If you’re new to crypto or if you’ve been into cryupto for a while, this comprehesive practical guide from 47.com will help.

To get the full report go to: https://www.47.com.au/

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