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A lot of crypto exchanges springing up today. The scammers, the legit ones, everybody!
So how do you know what platform to use?
What do you need to consider before making such decision?
Why is it important?
Well asides your profit margin being likely affected, there’s also alot of other things that could go wrong.

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Crypto ARVI ⚡ is HERE WITH THE ONE AND ONLY AAX Exchange!! The first cryptocurrency and digital asset exchange to be powered by LSEG Technology’s Millennium Exchange matching engine, and the first exchange to join London Stock Exchange Group’s ‘Partner Platform! Check it out lads!





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There is risk involved in investing, trading, mining, staking, and lending Cryptocurrency. Crypto ARVI does not take any responsibility for any losses that may occur. Crypto ARVI does not give financial advice. This video is not intended to promote the sales or purchases of any Goods & Services, regulated or unregulated. This video is strictly intended for entertainment purposes only. Crypto ARVI does not own any copyrights to the music, videos, or images being used in this video. No copyright infringement intended.

This is an interview with Robert van Molken discussing “Countering food waste using Oracle Blockchain Platform” with Community Manager Javed Mohammed.
This presentation is part of the Oracle Groundbreakers APAC Virtual Tour 2020


Tevvo – is a fully 100% decentralized crowdfunding and crowdsharing international platform and the first-ever system designed in a smart contract to provide everyone with an independent, financial foundation based on Ethereum Blockchain Technology. By depositing Ether into the contract address, you will be getting and will be receiving 300% back guaranteed earnings, distributions will be automatically process based on the smart contract algorithm. The algorithm performs the function of distribution of the affiliate commissions between community members and the observance of certain conditions (the marketing plan). The code is in the public domain. Transaction information can be viewed at this specific link

WHO MANAGES THE TEVVO PLATFORM? is a 100% decentralized platform which means there are no mediators or intermediaries, no owners, no company or human intervention, This means that the platform is fully decentralized (i.e. it has no leaders or admins). All operations are meticulously programmed in a smart contract capable of facilitating an exchange of money and anything else of value, ensuring the complete transparency, avoiding the services and accompanying charges of a middleman, and eradicating the question of trust between the parties. The code of this smart contract includes all the terms and conditions agreed upon by the parties, and the information about the transaction itself is recorded in a Blockchain, a decentralized, distributed public ledger.


Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency platform by market capitalization, behind Bitcoin. It is a decentralized open-source blockchain featuring smart contract functionality. Ether is the cryptocurrency generated by Ethereum miners as a reward for computations performed to secure the blockchain. Ethereum serves as the platform for over 260,000 different cryptocurrencies, including 47 of the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization in the same case with Tevvo Tokens issued only by platform.

A smart contract is a computer program or a transaction protocol that is intended to automatically execute, control or document legally relevant events and actions according to the terms of a contract or an agreement. The objectives of smart contracts are the reduction of need in trusted intermediates, arbitrations, and enforcement costs, fraud losses, as well as the reduction of malicious and accidental exceptions.

Decentralization is the process of distributing and dispersing power away from a central authority. Most financial and governmental systems, which are currently in existence, are centralized, meaning that there is a single highest authority in charge of managing them, such as a central bank or state apparatus. There are several crucial disadvantages to this approach, stemming from the fact that any central authority also plays the role of a single point of failure in the system: any malfunction at the top of the hierarchy, whether unintentional or deliberate, inevitably has a negative effect on the entire system.


Any devices will do, from smartphones, laptops to PCs. You just need to install any Ethereum wallet Applications that incorporate DApps on it and fund your ETH wallet with at least 0.1 Ether.


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Buying crypto or specifically ETH depends on the country you live in, we will see how you can buy cryptocurrencies in the USA. Anyone living any other country can look for similar businesses to purchase cryptocurrencies.
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The most efficient way to buy Ethereum is to use a crypto exchange. There are many exchanges in the USA, such as Coinbase, Binance US. Most of these exchanges require the user’s KYC.
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A blockchain-based energy trading platform backed by German tech giant Siemens is being publicly demonstrated in a Bavarian municipality today. The so-called “Pebbles” project — short for “peer-to-peer energy trading based on blockchains” — is holding a virtual demo of its blockchain-based marketplace platform for optimized electricity trading. The demo was officially announced by the project on Oct. 22. The public demonstration of Pebbles’ energy platform in the town of Wildpoldsried in Bavarian marks a major milestone after the project was launched in March 2018. Funded by German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Pebbles is a joint initiative by the regional utility Allgäuer Überlandwerk, grid operator AllgäuNetz and Siemens. The project is also supported by the University of Applied Sciences at Kempten and the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology. The initiative aims to provide a platform to enable private energy producers to market their electricity directly to local consumers without the need for middlemen or traditional grid operators. The platform also intends to provide flexible power from battery storage for electric vehicles. Blockchain implementation is designed to ensure that all information regarding market transactions is immutable and transparent. Pebbles is not the only blockchain-based energy project being developed in Germany. In February 2020, the BMWi published an analysis of major blockchain implementations in energy trading, highlighting four related projects including BloGPV, SMECS, ETIBLOGG, as well as Pebbles. In October 2020, Germany’s major governmental group responsible for energy innovation in Germany — Deutsche Energie-Agentur, or DENA, — claimed that the authority is looking to move its energy ecosystem to a decentralized database.

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A virtual meetup hosted by Hyperledger Libya featuring a discussion on the Hyperledger Fabric architecture and learning more about its different components with Mr. Khaled Fituri IBM Territory Sales Manager, and Mr. Hicham Benbella technical leader at IBM Morroco to walk us through the IBM Blockchain Platform.

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My Crypto Rev is an organization comprising of trading experts and the most sophisticated cryptocurrency trading tools to provide higher returns on a daily basis to all our investors. My Crypto Rev’s high-tech trading system allows returns to be obtained from crypto assets by finding optimum dips and pips to trade at the right time.

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🛑 Bithumb Reportedly For Sale Following Numerous Police Raids. Visa, Goldman Sachs and Mick Mulvaney join leading blockchain trade
👉🏾👉🏾Click “SHOW MORE” for Additional Info. & Disclosures 👈🏾👈🏾
association. Europe’s central bank is concerned about possible runs on stablecoins. Leaked EU Draft Proposes All-Encompassing Laws for Crypto Assets. Coinbase Announces Launch of New ‘Platforms’ Team, Hires Execs From Google, Venmo and Adobe.

0:00 Beginning
0:25 Bithumb Reportedly For Sale Following Numerous Police Raids
3:59 Visa, Goldman Sachs and Mick Mulvaney join leading blockchain trade association
8:55 Europe’s central bank is concerned about possible runs on stablecoins
15:02 Leaked EU Draft Proposes All-Encompassing Laws for Crypto Assets
19:45 Coinbase Announces Launch of New ‘Platforms’ Team
24:33 Could holding 0.28 BTC could put you in the top 1% wealth bracket someday?
30:03 End

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2) Visa, Goldman Sachs and Mick Mulvaney join leading blockchain trade association:
3) Europe’s central bank is concerned about possible runs on stablecoins:
4) Leaked EU Draft Proposes All-Encompassing Laws for Crypto Assets:
5) Coinbase Announces Launch of New ‘Platforms’ Team, Hires Execs From Google, Venmo and Adobe:
6) Could holding 0.28 BTC could put you in the top 1% wealth bracket someday?:

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Luxury carmaker Groupe Renault tested its blockchain project aimed to ease compliance certification of vehicle components. The project, Extended Compliance End-to-End Distributed, or better known as XCEED, grew out of Renault’s partnership with other companies to develop a blockchain supply-chain solution by sharing data. It’s built on the Hyperledger Fabric network and deployed in collaboration with IBM. XCEED tracks and certifies regulatory compliance of vehicle components. Renault tested XCEED in its Douai plant and processed over a million documents with 500 transactions processed per second. XCEED shares compliance Information between parts manufacturers and those who make the cars. Renault said the platform speeds up information sharing, bringing it to real-time delivery. XCEED, the carmaker explained, creates a trusted network to share data with confidentiality. Renault’s partners for the project include Continental, Faurecia, Plastic Omnium and Saint-Gobain. It was first announced in 2019. The carmaker said the need for a better compliance solution arose as new market surveillance regulations were implemented Sept. 1. The European Union’s Directive 2007/46/EC , revised in 2020, establishes better monitoring of new vehicles and parts to meet safety and environmental standards. Renault said its entire production chain “has to adjust its structure” to respond to shorter timeframes set in the policy. Odile Panciatici, blockchain vice president at Groupe Renault, said:“The XCEED project we initiated is a powerful illustration of Groupe Renault’s capacity to innovate. We are convinced that blockchain is a vector for transforming the automotive industry. Blockchain technology really comes into its own in a vast ecosystem involving a number of different companies, providing a link between the partners’ various processes, computer systems and databases. There are multiple uses for this type of technology in the automotive industry, where we have exchanges with countless actors from outside the company, such as suppliers, clients and independent distributors.”This is not Renault’s first foray into blockchain technology. Renault, along with other automotive giants BMW, GM, and Ford and technology companies IBM, Hyperledger, Bosch and IOTA, worked on the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) . It created a database of Vehicle Identity Numbers on the blockchain. BMW also made a blockchain-based supply chain solution.

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Coti Crypto Coin Price Prediction 2020 2025 Coti Cryptocurrency Review Coti Coin Best Defi Platform


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The Youtube Channel New Crypto Coin Started in July 2017. The Name was New Crypto Coin and the Goal was to find early new Crypto coin projects for early investments. Getting into Crypto investments early was the key to major KNOCKOUT gains later down the road. In June 2018 New Crypto Coin was changed to KNOCKOUT CRYPTO. Knockout Crypto is about researching the best cryptocurrency projects early and providing that information to our supporters.

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In this clip, Gali interviews Tom Kysar, the head of Operations at Augur and asks him about the purpose of the decentralized app built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Original date of video: Aug 5, 2020
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Hello guys from this video I am going to show you a review about snapex exchange. Snapex exchange is a next generation contract based Crypto Currency Exchange.. snapex provide you many exciting gifts and many contest running for users. You can trade all major crypto currency pairs with usdt. Also you can use 100x leverage..

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Video Topics
Snapex crypto trading platform review
Snapex exchange review in Hindi
Snapex crypto platform review
What is snapex
Everything about snapex
Best crytpo contract based trading platform
Snapex free $100
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Bitcoin future trading exchange

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In this video, i reviewd “ChangeNow”, a non-custodial exhcnage and discussed following points.

1. Complete Overview
2. Different Exchange Types
3. NOW Token
4. Swap Demo

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More cryptocurrency exploration on my basic level. I show Oduwa coin [OWC], as my example, and introduce the Oduwa Exchange [] that that crypto is automatically traded, on the crypto markets, for a daily % return.
I touch on some favs for market viewing = Coin Market Cap and Coin360.
There is also a visit to a trading platform = Crex24
Happy Trading. Don’t forget your masks, even if they are only crypto security of anonymous blockchain addresses. Stay safe, watch your keys and passwords.

links to features —- –== Oduwa’s mainnet – get OWC, permission, secure -== Oduwa’s exchange – auto trading, safe, consistent returns -== a major crypto exchange – trade different cryptos, day trade -== a major market viewer – most all cryptos, info -== a market viewer – most all cryptos, overall at-once visual, info

FRST founder Patrick Gorrell dives into the basics of using On-Chain data to discover opportunities by following blockchain wallets.

Vechain launches Sam Club’s tracability platform, Bitcoin over 10k, Ethereum in E-sports
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About Yohann:
I have spent the last 5 years in San Francisco bootstrapping my startup Joynr from 0 to $1M in revenues last year, I have been immersed in the exciting world of entrepreneurship and the Silicon Valley. Pursuing my passion in the quest for new opportunities I am fully dedicated to my new venture Omenics. I believe Cryptocurrency will impact the world to a scale we cannot yet foresee.

About Omenics:
Crypto Data Analytics Platform.

We aggregate the growing world of crypto data and provide insights into market sentiment.

We use data mining and machine learning to analyze news, social media content and a variety of other sources to help you follow and understand market sentiment across the cryptocurrency space.
The average retail crypto-investor spends tedious amounts of time searching among the good, the bad and the ugly. We speed up this process by aggregating a lot of data and automatically deriving market sentiment indicators using our SentScore™ technology

Our next-generation platform is designed to save you time and provide a set of signals to help you follow along or act upon the ever-evolving crypto market trends.
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CV Labs and Cointelegraph gather leading experts out of the Top companies from the Crypto Valley to debate about the Bitcoin halving on May 7th 2020 from 16:00 to 17:00 CEST

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Cointelegraph covers everything Bitcoin, bringing you the latest news, prices, breakthroughs, and analysis, with emphasis on expert opinion and commentary from the digital currency community.

Bunz is a place to trade things you no longer need, for things you do. The community has grown, evolved and the Bunz sharing economy has even began infiltrating cities across the globe. Over 150,000 people have already started using Bunz to declutter their homes and change the way we think about consumption. Polyester was approached by the wonderful people at Bunz to create a video to help introduce a cryptocurrency being added to their trading platform. With a cult like following we set out to do Bunz justice and bring their story and message to life.

Animation Studio: Polyester Studio
Design and Art: Elliot Lim
Additional Art: Oliver Dead
Lead Animation: Oliver Dead
Cel Animation: Sasha Bogolyubova, Pablo Lozano, Nicolas Piccirilli,
Producer: Robyn Smale
Creative Director: Jeremy Dimmock

Music and Sound design: Jeff Moberg

Client: Bunz

An overview of DAOZedXe – world’s first blockchain-based crypto-friendly crowdfunding platform (Hindi Version)
Embark on your journey to grow your money on DAOZedXe – a blockchain-based decentralized crowdfunding platform.
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CoinDeal Express has just left the train station! Recently, I had the chance to produce my first story-driven 2d animation of lovely illustrations, music and story commissioned by wonderful artists all around the world.

Executive producer: Max Balter
Director: Sergey Chebotarenko​​​​​​​

1ST AD: Max Balter
D.O.P: Alex Milokost
Motion designer: Andrey Voytishin

Tokenview is building blockchain infrastructure through its technical advantages and operational strength and providing one-stop blockchain services to promote the development and application of blockchain technology.

Tokenview is a blockchain data platform providing 100+ blockchains hash search and smart contract details while covering all the chain data in the current block chain field. Tokenview already integrates the block explorer of BTC, ETH, USDT, TRON, BCH, BSV, DOGE, NEO, LTC, IOST, etc.

Based on the in-depth analysis of the blockchain data, Tokenview tag the whale addresses and deposit and withdraw addresses of exchanges in order to monitor the coin flow of these addresses in real time.

We provide block chain API and node servicse for more than 100 enterprises.

A Blockchain platform for AEC Industry. Disrupting the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Real estate Industries

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InfiProjects has created a digital blockchain-based solution to
address some of the issues.

Suitable for
R e a l E s t a t e D e v e l o p e r s , A r c h i t e c t s , E n g i n e e r s ,
C o n t r a c t o r s , V e n d o r s , I n s u r a n c e F i r m s , R E R A
a n d S t a t u t o r y A u t h o r i t i e s .

Industry specific and workflow aligned modules for various
stakeholders to capture the current state of their project in
technical, commercial and legal terms


I N F I B L O C K S T E C H N O L O G I E S I N C ,

E M A I L : S U R E S H . R A M @ I N F I B L O C K S . C O M
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