With the economic impact of the pandemic, governments pumping massive amounts of money into the economies, real estates looking less attractive and Fiat money becoming less dependable by the hour.
Investors are definitely now looking towards better asset class such as gold, crypto as well as stocks aligned with the digital economy

Decred is an experimental project to redefine governance using blockchain technology. Instead of electing officials, Decred uses a rolling opt-in lottery to make policy decisions. Decred aims to create a fairer financial system driven by sound money, where the community makes decisions and every decision-maker has skin-in-the-game.

Decred has just launched the DCRDEX, a decentralized crypto exchange. DCRDEX does not collect trading fees and utilizes an order matching system to level the playing field between retail and professional traders. The DCRDEX is permissionless and non-custodial. The first assets available to trade are Decred, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. However, DCRDEX plans to allow all crypto assets, putting projects on an equal footing by not charging a listing fee. Projects can get their crypto asset supported by adding support for atomic swaps. Jake says “The goal with DCRDEX is to bring the same principles that we support in Decred, like sound money and strong governance, and create a fairer system for trading crypto. We want to make sure that the DCRDEX is true to the spirit and ethos of the cryptocurrency movement. That’s why it is non-custodial, there is no KYC, and it is secure. Instead of turning DCRDEX into a business that is driven by fees and rent-seeking, we aim to create an email-like user experience for the exchange process, where anyone can operate a server and exchange any crypto they want.”

According to a new report by Bloomberg, the Indian government is all set to ban cryptocurrencies. While many reports about a possible crypto ban have been published before, the newest report by Bloomberg says that the draft cryptocurrency banning bill is expected to be discussed by the federal cabinet soon before it is sent to parliament. Interestingly, the cryptocurrency ban bill is not on the original agenda for the Monsoon session of the Indian Parliament which began recently. Will the government finally ban crypto or is it yet another attempt at creating FUD?


India Plans to Introduce Law to Ban Cryptocurrency Trading: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-09-15/india-plans-to-introduce-law-to-ban-trading-in-cryptocurrency

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►Mint.bitcoin.com allows anyone to create custom SLP tokens
The service allows anyone to create custom SLP tokens themselves using the Minting feature, and it also gives users access to a noncustodial web wallet where they can store BCH and their portfolio of SLP tokens.

Users can also sweep SLP tokens from paper wallets, making it that much easier to accept paper wallet tips.

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►Dubai announces plans to launch new Crypto Valley
Dubai’s Multi Commodities Centre announced on the 23rd that it is launching a crypto valley at the heart of the city’s leading business district. The valley will be located in a Tax-Free Zone, where there is no personal or corporate income tax.

LINK: https://news.bitcoin.com/dubai-launching-crypto-valley-tax-free-zone/

►BCH House Venezuela hosts their first Bitcoin Cash merchant adoption meetup
Roberto Garcia, the founder of the BCH House Venezuela, hosted the first BCH meet up at the education center this week.

LINK: https://read.cash/@BCHouseVE/the-first-bitcoin-cash-house-meetups-in-venezuela-a-success-07056aaf

►Bitpay releases the option to purchase BCH with fiat in-app
Bitpay announced it will be allowing customers to purchase digital assets using the Bitpay platform. The platform currently supports BCH, BTC, ETH, XRP and three different stablecoins. With the added stablecoins, Bitpay believes the firm can be more efficient when settling transactions between the U.S. and Western Europe by bypassing ACH, SEPA, and bank wires.

LINK: https://news.bitcoin.com/bitpay-users-can-now-purchase-crypto-with-fiat-in-app/

SOURCE: https://bitpay.com/blog/bitpay-simplex-partnership/

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This short video update is exclusively conceptualized to highlight Ripplenext’s feature of Trading Plans. The video also underlines Ripplenext’s cloud mining option exclusively available for crypto investors. In short, this video lays emphasis on other features like transparency, affordability, speed and security that give complete control to investors over their crypto investment. So, what’s holding you back? Just watch this video till end. Beside this, to gain handy insights you can also browse https://ripplenext.com/for further details. Thank you for reading this description. Stay tuned for more updates about Ripplenext.

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In today’s episode, I’m talking about my thoughts on this crypto bear market, the future of crypto, and 5 plans I have for 2019…

Like I said in my last market update video in August, I wasn’t convinced that this bear market was over and I expected things to get a lot uglier before they got better.

As we’ve seen over the past few months, that’s turned out to be true. Some crypto projects are starting to fail, and many more are strapped for capital due to Bitcoin and Ethereum prices falling 0ver 80% off the bubble’s highs.

Last year I became very uncomfortable when Bitcoin’s price went from $8k to $20k in a few weeks because I knew that was driven purely by speculation (e.g. the greater fool theory).

While it was “exciting” to see prices go up so fast (and everyone feeling like a genius), those of us that had been through prior market cycles knew how risky markets become when over-exuberant bullishness takes hold.

As most people understand today, cryptocurrencies are still the most volatile asset class on the planet! This means if someone is going to play in this space, they need to be comfortable with 90%+ drawdowns and have excellent emotional control so they stay on the right side of the market.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

– The 3 possible outcomes I see for Bitcoin over the next couple of years
– Why I’m excited for the future of crypto, especially Security Tokens
– How I’m stepping into a bigger role with a venture capital firm in 2019
– Why I’ve pulled back from actively trading altcoins during this market cycle
– The focus of my YouTube channel going forward

Links and resources:

– 5 phases of crypto market cycles: https://youtu.be/_I6_8nN3IX8
– how to prepare for a crypto bear market: https://youtu.be/-SEIxadvMrI
– https://www.bitcoinblockhalf.com/
– https://www.cbinsights.com/research/startup-failure-reasons-top/
– Harbor creates $20M STO http://fortune.com/2018/11/27/blockchain-harbor/


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– Read the full disclaimer here: https://chrisdunn.com/disclosure/

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