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🔥Big exchange..$10000+
10 BTC + 10,000,000 IDAX Token Giveaway..

⚡IDAX is exchange token from IDAX⚡
💥 10 mil of IDAX + 100k$ of BTC will share for 10k participant
👉🏿enter your email and click on ” GET EARLY ACCESS”
[ https://www.interdax.com/?kid=TPA27 ]
– Confirm email
– Follow twitter, facebook, telegram
Join my telegram channel for more information about Airdrop and free online earning platform.

(2018-12-08 – 2018-12-31)
⚡Estimated Value
$30 USD
➡Tokens Per Claim
💲Step-by-Step Guide💲
1. Sign-up on Buratino website.

2. Click on “Airdrop”.
3. Like and follow their Facebook page.
4. Follow them on Twitter.
5. Join Buratino Telegram group.
6. Submit details to form.

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