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Crossing the Yellow Blocks Bring the vision and discussion of thousands of decentralized repositories to the big screen. #CrossingTheYellowBlocks $CBK #crypto #CBK #TheYellowDapp @theYellowBlocks #Blockchain #GooglePlay #AppleTV+ #pancakeswap #cryptocurrency #decentralization #Defi #BTC #Altcoin About Social [More]
Mike Rogers, research analyst at The Block Research, has put together a comprehensive research report outlining various aspects of the industry with invaluable insights for investors. Here, Rogers shares with viewers what he calls one [More]
Hi traders! Welcome to our Crypto Market Overview with our Pro Analyst Hamza. Today we are going to look at Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink and Litecoin. With many asking the question where is the cryptocurrency market [More]
Hut 8 Mining is a Canadian Blockchain mining company currently Mining Bitcoin and expanding in Ethereum. Soon you can find Hut 8 on Nasdaq. Join me on Patreon in the Discord and help support the [More]
Let’s Earn From Together! About the platform A solid pool of liquidity for the company’s operations is provided by attracting private investments. By allocating a part of its profits to its investors, Bruxis provides the [More]
Hello, dear YouTubers! In this video, I commented on the current correction on the price chart of Bitcoin (BTC/USD), by using Technical & Candlestick analysis in different time frames. In addition, I outlined some interesting [More]
Wirex and Fintech Times “Rising Women In Crypto – Power List 2020” WINNER. Get your SecuX wallets here: To Get 15% off use coupon code: “cryptogranny” for V20 and W20 To Get 10% off [More]
TechnicalRoundup is sponsored by Bybit Visit Bybit: Bybit Official Telegram: ————————————- TechnicalRoundup is a cryptocurrency trading, analysis, and education show hosted by @CryptoDonAlt and @CryptoCred. We are live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday [More]
Hello, dear YouTubers! In this video, I commented on PayPal’s announcement about adding a new service that will enable their customers to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin). I also [More]
This is not financial advice. I am just exposing my view on the matter. Please do your own research. I am just learning and riding the crypto wave as I go. Facebook Page: Stimulus [More]
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Very less gas fee up to 0.01% Transparency and Anonymity Instant Peer-to-Peer Payments Zero Risk Factors
Hello, dear YouTubers! In this video I commented on the current economic situation in the world, according to the latest research by IHS Markit, and how it affects the financial markets (including the cryptocurrency market). [More]
Hello, dear YouTubers! In this video, I explained the “Bearish Engulfing” candlestick pattern and how to use it when analyzing charts in financial markets and determine trend-reversals. Enjoy watching the very long video and, please, [More]
Hello, dear YouTubers! In this video, I explained how to use Moving Averages (MAs) in order to analyze charts in financial markets and determine trends. Enjoy watching the very long video and, please, comment! — [More]
In this video, i reviewd “ChangeNow”, a non-custodial exhcnage and discussed following points. 1. Complete Overview 2. Different Exchange Types 3. NOW Token 4. Swap Demo Please share your feedback about the video and subscribe [More]
#tokensale #ico #cwr A Global Decentralized blockchain Network, Smart contracts, Interoperability, Mining, Masternodes with AI Support for Crypto Stability that aim to bridge the Gap between Crypto & Fiat see more: Bitcointalk: cuongspkt89 [More]
Hello, dear YouTubers! Today I commented on the current stance in the global financial system and how it can affect the financial markets (including cryptocurrency). In particular I talked about the U.S. National Debt, which [More]
This week, Anndy Lian met up with Jan and Nic from Bitcoinlive again to share industry updates. Anndy will touch on topics on how receptive are governments when it comes to blockchain adoption. He will [More]
Hello, dear YouTubers! Today I analyzed in detail the price chart of Cardano (ADA/USD) using Technical & Candlestick analysis in different time frames. In addition I outlined some interesting candlestick formations and chart patterns. Enjoy [More]
Register and Join Forsage here… 👉👈 How To Get Started Step-By-Step Instructions: 👉 👈 I’m so excited because I finally found an amazing way to help people start earning really big money in [More]
An overview of DAOZedXe – world’s first blockchain-based crypto-friendly crowdfunding platform (Hindi Version) Embark on your journey to grow your money on DAOZedXe – a blockchain-based decentralized crowdfunding platform. Please visit: and join our [More]
Etherbanking (EBC) is building a digital bank to last, therefore, the focus will be on the scale, elimination of counterparties and offering core banking services such as savings and loans accounts. To achieve these goals, [More] Easy Recurring Billing for Web 2.0 and SaaS Businesses SaaS Payments Gateway Simplified Ecommerce is a payments gateway for SaaS businesses, enabling you to get to market rapidly and sell your digital products, software [More]
METANOMICS OVERVIEW. Part 2 (2/4) _ ✨META EXCHANGE provides a high-performance, decentralized exchange with a professional trading platform. _ ✨META EXCHANGE can handle the trading volume of the NASDAQ while settling orders instantly. _ ✨META [More]
I did an overview of the Trust Wallet, my main wallet for holding CryptoCurrency. I did not dive too deep into this as there are many Trust Wallet tutorials on YouTube. If you are seeking [More]
MoneyLab: Coining Alternatives Session 5: Bitcoin and Beyond Eduard de Jong (NL) – Cash or Currency: an overview of electronic payment technology Conference Day 2 (22 March 2014) Bitcoin has recently been stirring up lots [More]
Designated by Citigroup as the “Top People Management Solution”, our platform greatly increases productivity of remote work, protects from overbilling, allows for easy monitoring and coordination of geographically distributed workforce and provides real-time information [More]
Overview for people who know how to trade well and just need to learn the interface and for those who are not familiar with trading.
Market Overview and XRP always has value whether Xcurrent or Xrapid is used. This will be on Flixchimp and Patreon thank you .
Disclaimer LaunchPAD Inc. is a software company and is producing the LaunchPAD Technology as free, open source software. This software technology may enable those who deploy it to launch a blockchain or decentralized applications with [More]
Hello dear YouTubers! #cryptocurrency #STEEM #Dtube That’s me again @cryptospa. I will also upload this video today to #DTube. In this video, I analyzed the price chart of STEEM using Candlestick and Technical analysis on [More]