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Articles I find converted to audio via text to speech. I’m dyslexic and an auditory learner, this is one way I get information so I thought I would share. I know the computer voice is not a lot of people’s thing. For the ones like me we can read but it’s like translating, it’s just easier to listen. Regarding the speed YouTube allows listeners to adjust the playback speed feel free to adjust. The speed is already slow for me and that was the reason I did this because I was already having the articles read to me. I use the Natural Reader Text to Speech app and it even has a dyslexic font.
Patreon is audio articles posted as I make them.
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Iss video me hum dekhenge cryptocurrency aur blockchain se jude kucch mukhya samachar jese ke, OkCoin exchange ne Latin America me khola fiat-crypto exchange, Canada, UK aur Singapore ke central banks ne milkar state backed digital currency banane ka rakha prastaav, Huobi exchange ne Brazil me 60% employees ko bola chalte bano, antarrashtriya charity Oxfam ne blockchain ko joda Cambodian chawal se, aur US ka pehla ICO fraud jald phunchega uske antim anjaam tak.

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