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Welcome back guys! This Is our daily crypto market update!! And this is one to watch in full to get an understanding of what’s happening now and possible moving forwards!! Hey guys Our Cardano Stake [More]
“There’s a HUGE Revolution Coming To Bitcoin” – Mike Novogratz | Bitcoin News ——– CREDITS: Novogratz on Bitcoin Adoption, CBDCs and Blockchain Tech ——————————————————————————– 🟢Subscribe here — ——————————————————————————– 👉 FINANCIAL DISCLAIMER This channel [More]
CNBC Anchor Joe Kernan EXPLODES On Bitcoin Bull Mike Novogratz! Mike Novogratz Also Shares His Thoughts On Bitcoin’s Future POST Election. Let us know in the comment section and hit Like, Share and Subscribe for [More]
►The last 2 days have been great for the BULLS but is this momentum built to last or is it going to collapse like a house of cards? Chief strategist at Gldman Sachs states to [More]
In this video, we talk about the key developments related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology such as crypto miners in China sell off mining devices, wealth building guru on BTC hodlers, Mike Novogratz struggles to [More]