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Breaking News – North Korea now using untraceable cryptocurrency for sanctions evasion | NK News North Korea has started using nearly untraceable cryptocurrencies to convert stolen funds into cash and evade sanctions, according to an [More]
CEO Eckelberry discusses how the world could better recycle waste water and deal with the coming water crisis by using BitCoin-based technology. (There is no assurance that OCLN will have an involvement).
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Anthony G. Adams, creator of RotoHive and the Roto ($ROTO) ERC-20 token, presents an overview of the fantasy sports project at the North Texas Blockchain Alliance’s 2nd annual showcase event. November 2018.
5) Trump and Kim sign a document; 4) G7 becomes G6 + US; 3) More volcanoes rumbling; 2) Bitcoin value artificially inflated; 1) DOJ busts 2,300 suspected online child sex offenders.
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Strategy Shift: North Korean Hackers Take Aim at Individual Crypto Investors Faced with depleted reserves and having been hit with sanctions aimed at its illegal nuclear weapons program, North Korean hackers have a new strategy for [More]