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Ashton Addison interviews Illia Polosukhin, Co-Founder of NEAR Protocol. Illia discusses NEAR protocol’s blockchain development ecosystem, some of the Dapps being built on NEAR, the rainbow bridge to the Ethereum Virtual Machine, the functionalities of [More]
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Switzerland’s existing tax law is applicable to developments in the blockchain industry, the Swiss Federal Council said. According to the federal authority, Switzerland does not need to amend its existing tax legislation in regard to [More]
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BREAKING NEWS: Facebook is launching Libra Cryptocurrency and Calibra wallet which will introduce billions to cryptocurrency. This is a big move and hopefully Facebook will do this right! ———————————————————————————– Visit our website: Connect with [More]
This video is about Capitulation and why everyone is talking about it. CNBC’s Brian Kelly who has always been a Bitcoin bull has started shorted and has capitulated. Even projects like Justin Tabb from Substratum [More]