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Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance will make a $200 million investment in Forbes The media firm prepares to go public via a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) SPACs are shell companies that raise money in an [More]
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Brazilian crypto exchange Mercado has obtained 200 million USD in Series B investment from SoftBank. This marks one of the most significant funding rounds in the nation’s history. The cryptocurrency exchange announced on Thursday that [More]
The focus of this week’s crypto updates is on the USDC stablecoin. It has been a big week for USDC with the announcement that over $100 Million worth of USDC has been issued on the [More]
Cryptocurrency cyber attacks are continuing at an alarming rate. They are one of the largest threats to the legitimacy of Cryptocurrencies. HAPI is focusing on creating a safer environment for cryptocurrencies through oracles and audit [More]
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Two years since its founding, crypto derivatives exchange FTX may no longer be considered an upstart in this space. As the company that famously offered crypto futures last year for betting on U.S. presidential candidates, [More]
A 95-year-old man is one of 4 victims of an alleged crypto-currency scam which ripped off more than $2 million. A Sydney lawyer faced court today accused of syphoning off the money to an overseas [More]
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