Today we gave an introduction to Bitcoin Cash and all its opportunities to the 24 candidates of the beauty pageant “Nuestra Belleza Venezuela” in Caracas Venezuela.

Thank you Jose and Talia for carrying it out!

@mmarco_seguridad nos hablará esta vez sobre cómo converge la Intelgencia Artificial con Blockchain.

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I was given the honor to speak at the first ever meetup in Miami FL on January 16th 2020. In my speech, I discuss the development & growth of cryptocurrencies thus far & dive into Future developments resonating in the industry. 2020 is going to be the most promising & lively year yet for us crypto enthusiasts.Thank you as always for the support & if you’re new to the channel consider subscribing!

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We are happy to announce WCM #5!
This time we will host representatives of one of the biggest global crypto exchange – bitFlyer. They will tell you about the exchange expansion, trading & investing in cryptocurrencies and crypto regulations in Asia, Europe and globally. We also invited a polish cryptocurrency tax specialist, Marcelina Szwed-Ziemichód, to answer all your questions regarding the recent cryptocurrency tax regulation in Poland.


Rikiya Masuda (CFO)
Rikiya Masuda graduated from Waseda University School of Political Economics in 2007. Starting in 2007, he has worked for seven years in the corporate sales department of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and a local subsidiary in China. Rikiya received his MBA from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2016.

Andy Bryant (COO)
Andy Bryant graduated from the University of Bath in 2008 and he also studied at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Starting in 2008, he worked in various positions in finance and technology, including being the global COO for an M&A advisory firm, BDA Partners, and as the CEO of his own technology startup. Andy has received multiple awards from prestigious
institutions including Daiwa Securities and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Marcelina Szwed-Ziemichód (Cryptocurrency tax specialist)
Given the current cryptocurrency tax situation in Poland, we asked Marcelina to participate in the Q&A section after bitFlyer’s presentation and answer all your questions regarding the taxation of cryptocurrencies in Poland.

1. Japan / bitFlyer
2. Regulation
3. ICO/Blockchain
4. Trading
5. Q&A with bitFlyer
6. Q&A with Marcelina Szwed-Ziemichód




Mike Satoshi

Top Crypto VCs Hosted by Silicon Valley Bitcoin Meetup
at Draper University on 9/11/19

The panelists include
1. Will O’Brien – Blockchain Capital
2. Joey Krug – Pantera Capital
3. Haseeb Qureshi – Metastable
4. Chris McCann – Proof of Capital

The panel is moderated by
Preethi Kasireddy, CEO and Founder of Trustory

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Valerian Bennett (@valerian253 on twitter) presents Pop Chest (@Pop_Chest). A new way for internet content creators to create a revenue stream through bitcoin micropayments. Valerian starts speaking about Pop Chest @ the 8:00 minute mark. Brought to you by the San Diego Bitcoin Meetup Group and it’s sponsors The Decentralized Library of Alexandria (,,, and

Phil Windley, former CIO of the State of Utah and renowned expert on digital identity, speaks about his latest work as chairman of the Sovrin Foundation, a private-sector, international non-profit that was established to govern the world’s first self-sovereign identity (SSI) network. The Internet is missing a layer for secure identity which is currently costing us hundreds of billions of dollars each year. The Sovrin Foundation is showing the world that when we control our own identities, many exciting and liberating possibilities are at our fingertips. A lot of highly relevant concepts for blockchain enthusiasts to understand are covered in this presentation.

Joey Krug (Pantera Capital CIO, Augur founder), Will O’Brien (Angel & Blockchain Capital Advisor, ex-BitGo CEO), Haseeb Qureshi (MetaStable), Chris McCann (Proof of Capital, ex-Greylock partner), moderated by Preethi Kasireddy (TruStory CEO, ex-Andreessen Horowitz a16z partner). Crypto investor panel at SVBTC’s crypto VC exchange event on Sept 11 2019 at Draper University Hero City.

Brett Henderson provides an update on Ethereum 2: design requirements and the latest details. Anchor Chain, Coordination Layer / Beacon Chain, Data Layer (Shard Chain), Execution Layer (VM). Phase 0, Phase 1 and Phase 2

Presented at CV Labs, Zug, Switzerland on June 26th, 2019.
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*Lucas Kozinski-Management Consultant at Point B contracted with the Tezos Foundation. Alongside the Foundation President he led the Betanet launch.
*Vishakh – co-founder of Cryptonomic, a Brooklyn-based technology company dedicated to decentralization and disintermediation. Cryptonomic is actively working in the Tezos ecosystem to build user and developer tools to make the platform usable for everyone.
* Samuel Harrison – director of operations for Tezos Commons. In addition to assisting with betanet launch and funding the Zastrin Tezos online course, Sam has been instrumental in launching Tezos meetups around the world, growing the community and helping developers and entrepreneurs get the information and support they need.

Highlights from the Special Meetup for the Crypto Valley Association in Zug #Switzerland July 6, 2018. Speakers include Reto Gadient and Joe Lubin discussing the future and current status of #blockchain technology. Includes the “coding for kids” sponsorship announcement to CoderDojo.

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Full-Length Presentation & Fireside Chat from the Special Meetup for the Crypto Valley Association in Zug #Switzerland July 6, 2018.

Introduction from Reto Gadient from the Crypto Valley Association.

Fireside Chat with Joe Lubin of ConsenSys & Ethereum, moderated by Tom Lyons. Includes the full “coding for kids” sponsorship announcement to CoderDojo.

To learn more about the Zug Valley Crypto Meetup visit:

To learn more about ConsenSys, Joe Lubin or Ethereum visit:

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