Even if there is no need to prove Switzerland’s international leadership anymore when it comes to digital trust and cybersecurity, we believe that joining forces and connecting Swiss valleys is key to build trust throughout the country and beyond.

This event is the 1st roadshow stop of the Swiss acceleration program “Tech4Trust” by “Trust Valley”. It aims at bringing together key actors from the “Trust Valley” and “Crypto Valley” ecosystems to broaden and enrich the discussion. On this occasion, the 27 selected startups to participate in the “Tech4Trust” acceleration program will also present their promising projects to investors and audience.


19th November 2020, On-line

16:00 – 16:10 :
– Welcome to the Crypto Valley – Fabiola Luna – CV Labs & Swiss Blockchain Security Initiative

-Welcome by Department of Economic Affairs Canton of Zug – Alberto Diaz

-Intro by CVVC and CV Labs by Ralf Kubli CV VC

16:10 – 16:20 :
– Welcome by the State of Geneva – Nicholas Niggli – State of Geneva

-Introduction Trust Valley & Tech4Trust –

Lennig Pedron- Trust Valley Director

Alexandra Burnand – Project Manager Tech for Trust”

16:20 – 16:45: 1st round of pitches (9 startups, 2:30 min / startup)
16:45 – 17:15: 1st Fire side chat Lessons learned from “Blockchain Security Entrepreneurs”:

Fabiola Luna – CV Labs & Swiss Blockchain Security Initiative

Dr. Jean-Philippe Aumasson (EPFL)-CSO & Co-Founder at Taurus
Dr. Petar Tsankov-Senior Researcher at ETH Zurich, SRI Lab & Emerging Solutions Analytics – Specialist at PwC
-Members of the CVA cybersecurity group.

17:15 – 17:40: 2nd round of pitches (9 startups, 2:30 min / startup)
17:40 – 18:15: 2nd discussion panel on Hacks & DeFi
18:15 – 18:40: 3rd round of pitches (9 startups, 2:30 min / startup)
Panel of discussion: Hacks & DeFi

Despite millions of losses: Why is DeFi here to stay?

Decentralized Finance describes the industry that provides financial services of any kind – lending, borrowing, investing, and more – without central authority, like banks. Fostering competitive rates through ease of participation and reducing fees by cutting out intermediaries, both customers and service providers stand to profit from DeFi.

But being at the pinnacle of a tall and complex technology stack where innovation moves fast raises the question: How can you be sure your funds are safe? What can get wrong when you place millions in a piece of code?

The recent disastrous hacks of Harvest Finance and other incidents have shown that right now, being sure is more than difficult. Every layer in the stack, from the Blockchain to the Smart Contracts, needs to be secure. In this event, experts talk about the challenges involved, lessons learned from past mistakes, and how to tackle DeFi security.


Felix Laufenberg – Crypto Solution Architect Bitcoin Suisse AG

Hubert Ritzdorf – PwC Technical Lead at the Smart Contract Assurance Practice.
Sebastian Gajek- Co-founder & Chief Scientist Ditcraft
Demelza Hays – Director of Research at Cointelegraph
Jose Ramírez – Blockchain Engineer at SEBA Bank AG
Connor Howe – DeFi Advocate
*Please register in Eventbrite to get the details for the live stream.

#crypto #cardano #ethereum #ADA

Cardano continues to meet new milestones to move it even closer to the top.

Article links: https://www.crypto-news-flash.com/cardano-releases-updates-on-daedalus-adrestia-and-goguen/

Cardano And Ethereum Will Coexist, Weiss Ratings Said

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Raoul Pal joins Dan Morehead, CEO & founder of the cryptocurrency investment firm Pantera Capital, in a timely discussion about the current state of play in markets and the global macroeconomic outlook in the wake of coronavirus. While Morehead is one of the best-known names in the crypto investment space, he draws on the analytic toolkit he developed earlier in his career, as a macro trader at Tiger Management, the hedge fund run by investing legend Julian Robertson. Additionally, Raoul and Dan explore the opportunities in the digital asset space and discuss more broadly what they’ve learned in their decades as investors about the underlying essence of crisis and recovery.

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Global Crisis Meets Macro & The Future of Crypto (w/ Raoul Pal & Dan Morehead)

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How can we develop new models of cybersecurity that create trusted and safe digital networks? The Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and other technologies have the potential to bring transparency, security, and efficiency, but without a proper governing framework for their use, these innovations can leave us with a vexing set of short and long-term governance challenges.

This symposium provided insight and a comprehensive overview of the latest trends, use cases, and research in the field of Security Technologies.

Chris Luebkeman
Arup Fellow & Global Director, Arup Foresight

Susan Kish
Executive, Entrepreneur, Advisor

Christina Ayiotis
Cybersecurity & Information Governance Leadership & Consulting

Matthias Bossardt
Head of Cyber Security, KPMG

Lorenz Breidenbach
System Security Group, ETH Zurich

Daniel Dobrygowski
Head of Governance and Policy for the Global Centre for Cybersecurity, World Economic Forum

Dan Guido
Co-Founder & CEO, Trail of Bits

Norma Krayem
Sr Policy Advisor & Global Chair, Cybersecurity & Privacy Policy and Regulatory Team, Holland & Knight

Raffael Marty
Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Forcepoint

Silvan Tschopp
Vice President Customer Success, Open Systems AG

Michelle learns what Soundeon is all about!

SLOW POLITICS | Berliner Gazette Conference 2014 | November 13-15
Supermarkt | Brunnenstr. 64 | Berlin
Info: www.berlinergazette.de/slow-politics

SLOW POLITICS investigated perspectives for a precarious generation that is deeply concerned about its rights, liberties and privileges: How can a communal feeling arise in Europe if national self-interests prevail? How can we practice transparency if secret services are booming beyond
public control? How can our mobile societies restore inner peace if migrants are always “the others”? How can we save the environment if consumerism and economics remain rampant? 

What happens to free access to culture and knowledge if public institutions continue crumbling? On its third day of Public Talks SLOW POLITICS dealt with these future concerns in five panels and explored the common denominator linking all these issues. Watch the live videos below!

Live videos by http://www.streampark.tv

Very quiet day. Coinbase is expanding to other areas to support crypto while the head of Etoro will be joining Warren Buffett and charlie lee presumably about bitcoin and stuff.

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Welcome to the heart of the Crypto Valley

For more info visit: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cv-labs/

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Video from the CV Summit 2018 – Commodity Valley meets Crypto Valley
Panel Moderated by Christian Di Giorgio, Blockchain consultant, Inacta
composed by:
Jessica Fung, Vice President, Pala Investments
Thierry Arys Ruiz, Founder, TARCO International | AgAu.io
Lucas Betschart, President Bitcoin Association

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Welcome to the heart of the Crypto Valley

More than 100 guests attended the meet-up “Cryptovalley meets SDX” in Zug on 15 October 2018 to learn more about the plans of SIX and SIX Digital Exchange (SDX). Representatives of SIX and SDX spoke to members of the crypto community and blockchain specialists about building the SIX Digital Exchange.

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