There are many different cryptocurrency types on the market. Currently, there are 5877 different coins listed on CoinGecko. These are just the ones that made the list, which means there are even MORE cryptocurrencies out there. Many people believe that all cryptocurrencies serve the same purpose, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many different types of crypto on the market, each with a unique goal and purpose.

Today’s video will discuss the different types of cryptocurrency and the varying purposes of crypto. Not every coin was created to serve as an alternative to traditional currency. Find out all of the different uses of crypto and their functions. Knowing the different types of crypto will help you make better financial decisions when deciding which coins to invest in.

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How can decision-making by algorithms be improved by using blockchain?
Join Angeliki Dedopoulou for her series, Why Blockchain Will Matter To You, to discover how blockchain technology will soon be impacting upon all our lives.

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Why the #Bitcoin halving being “priced in” might not matter and $BTC could be due for a new all time high this year regardless! Insane BTC coincidence, crypto as a “safe haven,” NY state-backed stablecoin, $ETH fork, crypto news, and more!

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Episode 006 of the weekly “Crypto Krieg Show” every Friday. Garret discuss the latest bitcoin, altcoin, and cryptocurrency news, an episode theme, and crypto market price update. This week’s show focuses on “Why does cryptocurrency matter?” including topics about honest money, physical monies such as gold, the fiat attack, and how cryptocurrency may change the dynamics.

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