Crypto news update- bullish news yet prices continue to stagnate. Ethereum delays launch of layer 2 scaling. In this video, we cover a good time to buy ETH, heaps of NFT bullish news, bullish bitcoin news, charts for ADA and UNI, and an altcoin gem! GeoDB $GEO

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Hopium-Free Weekly Video Wrap-up
01:13 Crypto Trends and Market Sentiment
04:31 Small Cap Altcoin Gem – GeoDB (GEO)
08:04 Crypto News Update: 7 BTC ETF Applications
08:52 Introducing “Izzy”! Crypto NFT News
10:34 $1B worth of BTC Transferred from Crypto Exchange, Coinbase
11:38 Ethereum Layer 2, Optimism, delayed until July
12:57 VISA CaaS, Aus Gov $6m grants, NFTs in mainstream
13:59 CEO says 100M new crypto users soon!
14:44 Bitcoin Supply Shortage AGAIN, $8B in 3 months
15:07 Technical Analysis: TVK, BTC, UNI, DOT, ETH, THETA
22:56 Final Thoughts, Daily Update on IG and Twitter

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Coinbase has finally listed ADA!! In this video, we discuss Cardano and what’s to come, why Ethereum and Bitcoin are bullish, SPI big events coming and other major Cryptocurrency news.

WARNING: The comments are full of scammers lately! There are even accounts using my name and logo!

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00:00 Crypto News intro
0:26 Cardano ADA Coinbase Listing Discussion
1:00 Cryptocurrency Market Updates
2:00 ADA Price Discussion
3:58 SPI Token Updates
7:48 Bitcoin Price New All-Time High Soon?
8:28 SBI Crypto’s Bitcoin Mining Pool Goes Public
8:48 Ethereum Bulls Reemerge End of March
9:35 Ethereum Layer 2 Scaling Solutions
9:58 Bitcoin Pro Traders are Bullish
10:12 Final thoughts and video outro

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Music by: Aso – Loungin

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Dramatic growth in DeFI has given rise to a new generation on-chain decentralized finance infrastructure that is designed to scale to support global-scale capital markets activity. Notably, Project Serum, initiated by industry leader Sam Bankman-Fried of Alameda and FTX, launched recently on Solana, a fast-growing Layer 1 chain optimized for speed and scale, co-founded by Anatoly Yakovenk. With USDC digital dollars coming to this ecosystem, we’re excited to have these founders join for a conversation about Layer 1s, DeFi and Crypto Capital Markets. Indeed, this is as much about the here and now as the foundations being laid for a new global capital market and monetary infrastructure.

About the show
The global economy is experiencing unprecedented challenges and change. Business leaders everywhere are grappling with how to transform their companies to become more digital, resilient and efficient. As we face this change, a new global movement is building around the promise of digital currencies and blockchains — forming a new architecture for the global economy and creating new opportunities for companies everywhere. The Money Movement explores and chronicles the issues and ideas driving this brave new world of digital money.

The Money Movement is brought to you by Circle. Our mission is to raise global economic prosperity through programmable internet commerce. Learn more about Circle Business Accounts and Platform APIs at

Layer 2 refers to a secondary framework or protocol that is built on top of an existing blockchain system. The main goal of these protocols is to solve the transaction speed and scaling difficulties that are being faced by the major cryptocurrency networks.

For instance, Bitcoin and Ethereum are still not able to process thousands of transactions per second (TPS), and this is certainly detrimental to their long-term growth. There is a need for higher throughput before these networks can be effectively adopted and used on a wider scale.

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This is the eighteenth episode of the Lightning Junkies podcast. On this episode of the podcast, we have Daniel Goldman talking about Bitcoin and Ethereum layer two constructions. He spends the first half of the podcast laying out the first layer two constructions, nuances of the various constructions and more! The second half of the episode, we generally contrast Bitcoin, Ethereum, and talk about Lightning at various points too.

We talk about:

Background and Bitcoin
Understanding Bitcoin/Ethereum
First Lightning Transaction
Layer 2 on Ethereum
Contrasting Different Layer 2 Solutions
Contrasting Different L2 Constructions
Porting over Ethereum L2 to Bitcoin?
Plasma/Plasma Cash
Plasma on Bitcoin?
Layer 2 Usage on Ethereum
Lightning First Mover Advantage on Bitcoin?
Ethereum Premine
Social Layer?
Privacy vs Auditability
Privacy on Layer 2
Blocksize Increase
The Block
Philosophy (David Hume)
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Bitcoin Ransom: Hacker Group Releases Layer 1 Of “Damaging” 9/11 Papers
A group going by the name “thedarkoverlord” has been threatening to release 9/11 papers in lieu of a Bitcoin ransom. They demand a huge sum of money in Bitcoin. $2 million, to be exact, to either release or withhold the documents. They claim to have hacked several insurance companies with confidenti…
#Bitcoin #Ransom #Hacker #Group #Releases #Layer #1 #Of #“Damaging” #9/11 #Papers

► #BitcoinNews – #AltCoinnews – #cointelegraph – #coindesk – #coinmarketcap
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This is a video about a research project for NJIT class CS 656851

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Keep Network is building a privacy layer for the Ethereum Blockchain. Whereas it is the nature of public blockchains to create immutable and transparent records designed for audit-ability, it is the ambition of Keep to enable privacy and confidentiality on the very same blockchains. The service that Keep Network is providing is called “a keep”, which essentially is an off-chain container for private data.


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