The Central of Bank of Kenya governor, Patrick Njoroge, has for the first time in a while, addressed the growing interest in cryptocurrencies and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

In an interview, the governor admitted that cryptocurrencies do have a place in the current world and how the Central of Bank Kenya might be approaching regulation in the future.

His latest comments are in stark contrast to his previous position on cryptocurrencies that has often been seen as highly critical of digital currencies.

Learn more about cryptocurrencies, regulation in Kenya, and how bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are getting accepted in Kenya and Africa

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We caught up with Chris Orwa, the lead data scientist, I&M Bank Kenya, during the Trescon Global World AI Show to discuss data analysis, blockchain, and crypto in relation to the banking industry.

Chris is a recognized Kenyan data scientist who also blogs regularly on where he analyzes various consumer services while offering a unique data analysis methodology.

When it comes to crypto however, Chris is not very optimistic when it comes to adoption and use cases especially around the banking industry.

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