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The Central of Bank of Kenya governor, Patrick Njoroge, has for the first time in a while, addressed the growing interest in cryptocurrencies and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). In an interview, the governor admitted [More]
UTU Cryptocurrency Review | Let us know in the comment section and hit Like, Share and Subscribe for more daily cryptocurrency news! UTU Trust Infrustructure HomePage… Crypto Tribesmen, the best cryptocurrency news media online! [More]
We caught up with Chris Orwa, the lead data scientist, I&M Bank Kenya, during the Trescon Global World AI Show to discuss data analysis, blockchain, and crypto in relation to the banking industry. Chris is [More]
this demo shows how use the telegram messenger or whatsapp to send Bitcoin to m-pesa: check out the related blog post: Sadly some people miss understood my demo… no currency conversion is done. [More]
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