Tino Ahlers im Talk mit Dr. Julian Hosp – Unternehmer, Investor, Founder und Familienvater
Im Gespräch wer ist Julian Hosp im Business und privat..

Hier die Webseite von CAKEDEFI, die Julian und sein Team extrem Erfolgreich aufgebaut haben.
Falls Ihr das was unter Crypto Valley Festival passiert gut findet und unterstützen wollt, dann freuen wir uns, wenn Ihr unseren Ref-Code bei CAKEDEFI zur Anmeldung nutzen möchtet.


Hier eine aktuelle Aufzeichnung von Julian, die allen Interessierten Leuten einen super Einblick geben, die sich gerade beginnen mit dem Thema Bitcoin oder mit Krypto zu beschäftigen. Hier werden viele Fragen gut Verständlich erklärt:


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Dr. Julian Hosp – im Interview mit Karrideo Image- und Eventfilmproduktion zum Thema Blockchain, Kryptographie und Bitcoin

Dr. Julian Hosp über sich selbst: Mein Talent ist es komplizierte Dinge einfach zu erklären. Meine Vision ist es, dass es Ende 2025 mindestens 1 Milliarde Menschen gibt, die den Begriff Blockchain durch mich kennen und verstehen. Mein Ziel ist es die Welt mehr als nur CRYPTOFIT zu machen. Über 50.000 Menschen haben meine Materialien und Produkte bereits gelesen und angewandt.

Weitere Informationen erhalten https://julianhosp.com/ – https://www.youtube.com/JulianHosp – https://instagram.com/julianhosp – https://twitter.com/julianhosp – https://www.facebook.com/groups/cryptofit/ – Booking Requests:patricia@julianhosp.com

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Free Julian Assange #Unity4J Vigil is a part of combined growing global Events ~ With an agenda of saving our Planet from Fascists who are actively trying to Silence All Truth Tellers & Silence Julian Assange.

This San Francisco Event was packed with excitement!! Providing the framework for many other events to follow!

This event had as master of ceremonies (MC) none other than KPFA’s Steve Zeltzer, a Journalist & Radio Host and Founder of the Labor Video project.

This Event was packed with a Long List of Powerful SPEAKERS & JOURNALISTS voicing their strong objections to the plans of the CIA & DeepState to Criminalize “THE TRUTH”!

[In Order of Appearance]

1 Randy Credico :Live from New York Radio Host & Friend of Julian Assange
2 George Wright : Professor & Journalist
3 Dr Darrel Whitman : Letter of Support
4 Carol Seligman : Journalist & Editor Socialist Viewpoint
5 John Holmes : Professor, Journalist & Activist
6 Class-Conscious : Letter of Support
7 Mahmet : Turkish Journalist & Activist
8 Ann Garrison : Journalist & Activist KPFA
9 Orley : Activist Musician
10 Vic Sardot : Activist Musician
11 Lori Frishman : Activist

Immediately after the Ecuadorian Conciliate Event…It Was Followed by a March to the British Conciliate Where we occupied the Lobby of their Building Speaking Truth to Power… So loud it echoed through the halls of the entire building!!!! as a result… The San Francisco Police were Called!!!

This was a Powerful Event and just one of Many more Powerful Events soon to follow!!!

The Fact That we targeted two Hostile Imperialist Countries ~ IN ONE AFTERNOON

We are sending a Strong Message…WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY!!!! We are the beginning of the Tsunami of Outrage that is just on the Horizon…Taking Truth To Power Up Close & Personal!!!!


As We Free All The Truth Tellers & Free Julian Assange !!!



It has been months since Julian’s internet access and visitation rights at the embassy were abruptly revoked by the Ecuadorian government after the US Government via the CIA fixed the Election installed a puppet government in Ecuador and began to expand the CIA and US Military in the Country of Ecuador… As The US has done in South & Central America with impunity for years.

In response supporters swiftly organized #ReconnectJulian, a 10-hour-long online vigil event where friends and supporters of Julian came together to speak for the voiceless. We are now once again organizing a massive event in support of Assange and WikiLeaks. This collaboration has birthed #Unity4J – An upcoming series of events taking place on the first weekend of each month.

The stakes go far beyond Assange’s personal rights and freedoms, recent diplomatic and legal actions regarding Wikileaks and its emissaries have an enormous potential to set a dangerous precident regarding press freedom and the publication of secret or suppressed documents in pursuit of an informed public and representative accountability. #Unity4J will feature numerous high profile speakers giving testament to their support for and experience with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks in a call for Julian to be reconnected to his loved ones and the world, while advocating for safe passage from his arbitrary detention.

The ongoing deprivation of Julian Assange’s human rights is an untenable situation and a failure of international law and the governments of the West to uphold justice. In a world of divide and conquer, uniting people is the ultimate act of resistance. Therefore, we must bring together ALL public figures who support Julian and WikiLeaks, regardless of their political views or party affiliation. Putting aside our personal politics in order to create a diverse line-up of advocates who support our message will give us the ability to reach the largest audience possible. The baton of previous generations who fought for the freedom of their counterculture icons has passed to us, and it is our turn to raise our voices in a unified and sustained protest until Julian’s rights are restored.

Shot on Location at the : Ecuadorian Consulate, and British Consulate, San Francisco California, USA
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Julian Assange KPFA WorkWeek Special Programming-What Is Wikileaks, Who Is Julian Assange, The Media and The Attacks On Journalists, Publishers, Whistleblowers and Journalism

Saturday December 15, 2018
12:00 Noon – 4:00 PM PST
Watch and Listen at: https://vimeo.com/channels/liveweb

The attacks on Julian Assange and Wikileaks is a threat to all democratic rights and the right to know by people in the US and around the world.
Assange is in danger of being arrested and extradited to the United States to stop his voice and the voices of Wikeleaks of US war crimes and other corporate and political crimes that it has exposed.

This 4 section program will include:
12:00-1:00 PM PST
1.What is Wikileaks and what did it expose?
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM PST
2. Who Is Julian Assange?
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM PST
3.What has bee the role of the corporate media and independent media on Julian Assange?
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM PST
4. How are journalists, publishers and whistleblowers here and the rest of the world under attack?

Speakers include:
Randy Credico, Ann Garrison, Nozomi Hayase, Mehmet Bayram, Steve Zeltzer, Alex Steinberg, Darrell Whitman

JulianAssange KPFA event PART ONE

JulianAssange KPFA event PART TWO

Production of Pacifica KPFA WorkWeek Radio

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