The official music video for “JAPANESE BOY” by Takeshi Nakatsuka the new album “EYE” .

Director / CG : Hironori Sugie
Production : CRYPTOMERIA


Artist : Takeshi Nakatsuka
iTunes (EN) :
iTunes (JP) :

Album : EYE


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Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten Group has launched its own cryptocurrency exchange, Rakuten Wallet. 🥇

The company informed that the crypto-asset spot trading service is available today, August 19, through the Android mobile app. An iOS version will be released in September. 🔥

Initially, Rakuten Wallet will trade bitcoins (BTC), ether (ETH) and bitcoin-cache (BCH) against the Japanese yen. The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 🤔

Rakuten Wallet separates the money deposited by customers (customer assets) from the company’s own funds by managing the assets in the trust accounts provided by the Rakuten Trust, the trust company of the Rakuten Group. The Rakuten Trust manages these trust assets through Rakuten Bank’s savings accounts. To increase security, funds deposited by users will be in cold wallets in offline storage. 🏦

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Thailand Greenlights Japanese Exchange to Operate 4 Crypto Businesses

Thailand Greenlights Japanese Exchange to Operate 4 Crypto Businesses The Thai government has issued four licenses to a new crypto exchange. Prior to this, only existing exchanges that were in business before the country’s crypto regulation took effect were approved. The first licensed new exchange …

#Thailand #Greenlights #Japanese #Exchange #to #Operate #4 #Crypto #Businesses









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【本】これから仮想通貨の大躍進が始まる!北尾 吉孝【送料無料】










【本】ニムロッド [ 上田 岳弘 ]【送料無料】




BS1スペシャル「欲望の資本主義2019」資本主義はどうなっていくのだろうか 市場中心の新自由主義がおし進められるのか、国家の介入が必要なのか

第6回 『投資として仮想通貨って、どう?』 1 KAZMAX × 藤巻健史 × 三崎優太 × 山本潤 MC 堀潤 榎本麗美 【 #真相解説仮想通貨NEWS! 】



仮想通貨 暗号通貨 暗号資産 取引所 販売所 Zaif ザイフ coincheck コインチェック bitFlyer ビットフライヤー bitbank ビットバンク BINANCE バイナンス
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Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange to Relaunch as Part of Huobi After Buyout – Bitcoin News
A regulated Japanese cryptocurrency exchange is shutting down to relaunch as part of the Huobi family. The new exchange will support six cryptocurrencies and 11 trading pairs. Existing Bittrade customers need to open new accounts, complete KYC verification, and transfer their assets to the new platf…
#Japanese #Cryptocurrency #Exchange #to #Relaunch #as #Part #of #Huobi #After #Buyout #Bitcoin #News

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