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Interview at JAX 2016 in Mainz, Germany, April 2016. With Gabriela Motroc of of JAXenter. Discussing bitcoin, blockchains, Ethereum, fintech.
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Extendmp3 Interviews Kaymighty ( Crypto Trader) Give us full info about his self and Cryto currency exchange and deals. Watch ,share and don’t forget to suscribe 💡
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Daniel Gasteiger gave up his senior position at UBS in 2015 to establish Zurich as a hub for blockchain technology. #MeetInZurich
Tech, Internet, Blockchain, AI Radical Shift Interview with Alexander Shelkovnikov Alexander Shelkovnikov is a technology Internet, Blockchain, AI, mobile and digital technology enthusiastprofessional and thought leader. Alexander is responsible for Deloitte’s corporate venturing and blockchain [More]
Daniel Gasteiger gave up his senior position at UBS in 2015 to establish Zurich as a hub for blockchain technology. #MeetInZurich
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