Hello Crypto and Blockchain community. Today I talk with CCO Paco De Benito we discuss the Innovaminex project.

Paco background, the Innovaminex team and how they based in both Singapore and Estonia with a new Advisor coming on board Mohammed Aleshli who is currently the CEO and founder of Arabian chain based in Dubai

Paco shares that the team are connected with Minexcorp and how they specialise in the precious metal industry.

The INX token gives the ability to buy gold and other precious metal, showing the potential to both precious metals or crypto investors.

Also there is a incentive to hold INX, you receive coupons and discounts from Innovaminex loyalty program, being able to use on the e-commerce platform.

Use case of Blockchain giving the ability to eliminate illegal Gold mining and exploitation, his got the attention of Colombians recognising the good the project can bring to the country and how the local economy can benefit greatly from Minexcorp and in turn Innovaminex.

The ICO details and the future goal of Innovaminex with the intention of ATMs selling Gold, INX crypto and other cryptocurrencies and Ecommerce platform for sale of Gold and Silver.

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