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Is blockchain heralding a new era for gaming? We certainly see its proof in the past couple of years. Today blockchain based gaming generates billions of dollars and creates new features and benefits for players [More]
Christophe Lassuyt chats with the YWhales team about Request Network, an open network for payment requests, allowing anyone to create, store, and access invoices in a universal, decentralized network. Transactions on Request Network are immutably [More]
Protect Yourself From Hackers: Pure VPN Click Here: Secure Your Computer And Online Services With A YubiKey: Ledger Nano Hard Wallet Store Your Crypto Safely Open An Uphold Account Trade from ‘Anything [More]
Why It Matters Episode 5: On the Menu – Blockchain (Part 1) – Join tech fanatic Joshua Lim on a journey to the future to discover the cutting-edge technologies which are changing the world as [More]
Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Mining Update – November 2020 Industry News & Insight Welcome to the latest Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Mining Update! In these videos, Will from MiningStore & I bring you up to speed on [More]
The central bank for the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan is working on a draft law to regulate the cryptocurrency industry in the country. According to an announcement on Nov. 13, the National Bank of [More]
The latest Brussels Development Briefing n. 55 on Opportunities of blockchain for agriculture organised by CTA, the European Commission/EuropeAid, the ACP Secretariat, Concord and BMZ was held on 15th May 2019 (9h00-13h00) at the ACP [More]
Members of Spain’s lower house of Congress saw a surprise in their inboxes, the equivalent of 1 euro in crypto. As reported by Spanish news outfit ABC , the plan is spearheaded by Tutellus, a [More]
Anurag Yadav, CEO, PrimaFelicitas Speaker at Global #ArtificialIntelligence Virtual Conference Sep 16-18, 2020 Speaker Bio: Anurag Yadav is the founder of Primafelicitas LLC, an end-to-end blockchain development company that specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions at [More]
This video is regarding Blockchain Industry impact on retail sector. What Experts say about it? Watch to know answer. A must watch video on Upcoming Trend of Technologies. Stay connected.Like, Share, Subscribe for more informative [More]
An infographic video produced for IATA on 5 key blockchain solutions for the aviation industry.
The long drawn out bear market of 2018 has been very painful for a lot of crypto traders. However, it may be just the reality check the industry needs in building more stability for future [More]
How is blockchain going to transform the gambling industry? Learn how this technology will enable Increased fairness and trust, up the game against fraudsters and innovate through decentralized gaming and smart betting. Join us next [More]
“What’s next for Bitcoin in a post Covid world?” An esteemed panel of experts from the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry discussing future scenarios for Bitcoin and the multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency markets beyond the Bitcoin halving [More]
Panel Discussion at Digital Currency Con, Saturday July 14th, 2018 titled “Blockchain and Crypto Investing with Industry Experts”. Panel members include Will Purdy, Danny Wang, Devin Thorpe, Brian McClaren Foote, Devrin Carslon Smith and Tyler [More]
The latest Brussels Development Briefing n. 55 on Opportunities of blockchain for agriculture organised by CTA, the European Commission/EuropeAid, the ACP Secretariat, Concord and BMZ was held on 15th May 2019 (9h00-13h00) at the ACP [More]
Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Industry – March Mining Update In this monthly mining segment we will be diving in to all the latest from the Bitcoin & cryptocurrency mining industry. What hash rate is doing, what [More]
Please change your life!!! Click on the link! Can you afford this thing?: Software at the best prices: At the Crypto Valley Summit during the World Economic Forum in Davos, ecological sustainability [More]
Hi there, Its H S and i am back with more Cryptocurrency news for you from Did you know that Cryptocurrency payments have penetrated into the fast food industry? Yes that’s right!! Cryptocurrency payments [More]
Everyone should see it! Click here! Best cryptocurrency exchanger: Best cryptocurrency trading platform: It’s almost been two full years since the crypto hype bubble, and the leading crypto asset by market cap, [More]
In the good old times, there were no #insurance companies, but people still shared risk. For example, merchants on a port would get together and divide their stocks into equal proportions and transport via different [More]
Worldwide markets are poised to achieve continuing growth as the advantages of digital currency move away from the drug dealers and the criminals to mainstream activities like supply chain management and IoT communications. Cyber currency [More]
U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) – member of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs – questioned industry stakeholders and members of the financial regulatory agencies on the Federal Reserve’s decision to develop [More]
While it is still early days, it is clear that blockchain has the opportunity to impact the real estate industry in the years ahead. Check out this video to learn more about blockchain, how it [More]
For the most complete data on all crypto currencies check: | The crypto research platform. Full credits for this video to NewsBTC who listed the info in this video on an article on their [More]
This week on IBM Blockchain Pulse, your host, Matt Hooper, is exploring the current ticketing industry and how blockchain is really shaking things up! He will be speaking with two of the people behind the [More]
“Uber, fly and take the train in one ticket. That’s the potential of blockchain,” says Oliver Bussmann, president of Crypto Valley Association. In dialogue with CNNMoney Switzerland’s Amanda Kayne, he explains how the smart contracts [More]
Italy reminds us why Bitcoin is so important, harsh new rules could be coming to an exchange near you, and US users are hit again with regulatory fears, and why this excites me! LEDGER NANO [More]
The CV Summit is one of the biggest Swiss blockchain events taking place in Zug. Mathias Ruch, CEO of Crypto Valley Venture Capital, discusses this year’s theme #BUIDL and what the blockchain community can expect [More]
Faireum a public blockchain to resolve the problems of the online gambling industry Username – sauravrajput
Get $10 worth of bitcoin for free if you sign up, invest $100 into a diverse crypto portfolio, and keep your account open for at least 6 months with New Wave: WANT FREE STOCK? [More]
The substantial changes in traded volume landscape have had a significant impact on the cryptocurrency exchanges… Some are closing their operations, while others are strengthening their positions with major infrastructure acquisitions… With Jessica Walker __ [More]
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DAILY CRYPTO NEWS: 22 January, ’19 ( Bitcoin Growing As A Platform and Has Many Features. Read the full story here: Crypto Market Gets a Boost From Billions in New Supply. Read the full [More]