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Have THEY lost their MIND? Or can I learn something from what they are doing? Why is it that 64% of ALL Bitcoin has not moved in the last two years. Why are the people with the deepest Bitcoin wallets just letting their Bitcoin sit in a wallet? What can I learn from this that will help me with my Cryptocurrency investing? Do not miss this insane video!
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‘Hodlers Are Insane’ — 64% of Bitcoin Supply Has Not Moved Since 2018

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It probably won’t come as a big surprise that Crypto exchanges are the biggest Bitcoin HODLers. 6.7% of the current circulation of Bitcoin is held on exchange wallets, and that is valued around 9.8 billion dollars.


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Facebook is reportedly working on its own ‘Facebook coin’ that might be integrated in Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram, Jamie Dimon thinks JPM Coin could see consumer use, and Samsung’s new S10 smartphone will indeed have crypto support.

Hodler’s Digest Feb 25 – Mar 3

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Facebook Coin, Samsung’s Blockchain Phone, Coinbase Controversy | Hodler’s Digest

In this video, we talk about the key developments related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology such as crypto miners in China sell off mining devices, wealth building guru on BTC hodlers, Mike Novogratz struggles to build crypto bank, US investors paid huge sum to buy BTC at peak, major crypto exchanges granting BCH with BCH ticker

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Hodler’s Digest Oct 1-7
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Bill Clinton talks crypto at the Ripple’s conference, Bank of America sees a $7 billion future for blockchain, Wall Street Journal gets in and out of crypto, Brexit, Petro, and Shapeshift’s Erik Vorhees vs WSJ.


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Brexit, Bill Clinton & Blockchain | Hodler’s Digest

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