Over the last year, institutional investors have been flocking toward crypto assets like bitcoin and after Microstrategys initial bitcoin purchase, the trending institutional demand for crypto started swelling.
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Today we are going to discuss Barter Trade, a unique and exciting system that enables you to trade blockchain and crypto assets with advanced risk management methods. So for all of you crypto noobs out there, this new crypto exchange is essentially going to teach you how to trade cryptocurrency and you don’t have to lift a finger. Okay, maybe you have to sign up and log in but you get my point… it’s so easy a caveman can do it.

Barter Trade is set up for all types of people looking to trade crypto. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn how to trade cryptocurrency, or already an expert, you can benefit from this crypto trading platform. This crypto trading exchange has HUGE plans for August and hopes to drastically increase its user base. This all-in-one exchange has many options for traders and aims to please traders of all levels.

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►Another GREAT day for Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency market. With all the positivity we forget about what’s going on in general overall with investors. In this clip from CNBC, Wall Street Journal Special Writer, Greg Zuckerman lays out what he considers to be a MAJOR problem with the markets – Dumb Money. Also, Goldman Sachs sets gold at $2300 ( I wonder if they have investments in gold) yet CONTINUES to say that Bitcoin and the crypto market is NOT an asset class despite it being the BEST ASSET CLASS OVER THE LAST DECADE! Ledger Hack revealed by Ledger – BAD NEWS is that your EMAIL might have been compromised. GOOD NEWS is that your crypto and money is safe. Facebook, Google, YouTube, Amazon hauled into congress and I answer the QUESTION OF THE DAY from my pool office.

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✅Crazy 4 Cryptos (He’s been in the game for YEARS with a laid back approach)

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htp://TheViralPublicity.com Jennifer Hill interviews Greg Imlay about how his company helps other businesses get paid faster.

Direct Fed’s CheckAlt Payment Solutions is the leading payment processing company, allowing merchants to accept e-check or ACH payments, as well as use its patented remote deposit capture system to deposit funds from virtually anywhere in the United States. Founded in 2004, CheckAlt Payment Solutions stands as the first business-centric processor to perform Check 21 services. CheckAlt benefits its users by optimizing float time, reducing processing fees and providing significant back-office savings. Major enterprises, small businesses, non-profits, municipalities and all types of financial institutions are reaping the rewards afforded by CheckAlt Payment Solutions. Swift, simple and safe.

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